A man greets two children in front of a Volvo on a podium.

Volvo experience

When you get a Volvo, you get more than a car. You get the Volvo experience, a new perspective on ownership - created for less worrying and more living.

A Volvo XC40 Recharge framed by the outline of a mobile screen set on a podium.

One app. Everything Volvo.

With the Volvo Cars app, a more convenient, more enjoyable Volvo experience is in your hands.

It’s more than service. It’s someone you can trust to know your car inside and out.

Close up of female Volvo technician working on an engine.

With software updates and a car wash always included and alternative transport or pick-up and delivery if required, we aim to make servicing your Volvo a smoother, more convenient experience.

Volvo Genuine Parts are essential for quality work and repairs and are designed, tested and manufactured specifically for your Volvo.

Arrive for your fixed booking time and you’ll be met by your own personal service contact. We’ve taken the hassle out of your next workshop visit.

White Volvo with raised bonnet being worked on by female technician.

It’s not just an investment in service

It’s an investment in peace of mind. If you buy a Service Agreement with your Volvo, you’ll know that it will be taken care of in the best possible way by Volvo-trained technicians. It helps to ensure that the value of your Volvo is kept at the highest level.

No unwelcome surprises. Don’t you and your Volvo deserve the peace of mind of an extended maintenance and/or warranty?

One person handing over a Volvo key to another person.

Our optional Extended Warranty mirrors the coverage of the original factory warranty. Choose from one of our Extended Maintenance and/or Warranty plans that suit your requirements and enjoy the security of the Volvo experience.

A woman driving a Volvo pressing a button in the control panel above rearview mirror.

Roadside assistance

24-7 roadside emergency assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident can help keep you and your family safe on the road. For every Genuine Volvo Service you purchase, out of plan, we provide free roadside assistance for 12 months from date of service.

How can we help? Download the Volvo Cars app for personal help or visit our support site.