Welcome to Volvo Cars at World of Volvo!

Right in the middle of our hometown, there’s a meeting place dedicated to all things Volvo. Volvo Cars is, of course, an integral part of World of Volvo. Every time you visit us in central Gothenburg, there will be new and exciting things going on. We welcome you to an ever-changing experience, centred around you.

Welcome to Cars at World of Volvo!

The look-and-feel experience

What would you like to do today? Do come and visit us at World of Volvo, and we'll figure something out. We always have exciting cars to take a good look at. We'll be happy to guide you through each step to an actual purchase or subscription.

But we are more than that. More than anything else, Volvo Cars at World of Volvo is a mobility experience. Depending on what day you visit us, you may encounter very contemporary cars or experimental takes on future mobility–or indeed everything in between. A constant is that there will always be look-and-feel experiences. Other than that, we aim to surprise. Visit us as often as you like! No two visits will be the same.

Mobility without ownership

This is Care by Volvo

Looking for smooth mobility? Care by Volvo is possibly the most convenient way to have constant access to a car. It’s a flexible car subscription with a fixed monthly fee, no unexpected costs and only 3 months’ cancellation notice. Insurance and maintenance are included in the monthly fee. Volvo Cars at World of Volvo is at your service to help decide what Volvo is right for you.

Discover Volvo on Demand!

Faster than leasing, simpler than rental, and smoother than carpooling. Volvo on Demand is contemporary car sharing, smart and app-based. It’s easy to get started, easy to book, and easy to handle. Everything you need is just a click away. With the Volvo On Demand app, it’s easy to find a car when you need it. An hour? A day? A week? That’s up to you! Book, manage, unlock—all in one place. When you sign up for Volvo on Demand at World of Volvo, you can pick your car up in our parking garage.

Take a trip to the factory that never sleeps

The Volvo Cars plant in Gothenburg, located in Torslanda, is still our largest production site. We offer several tours daily, departing from World of Volvo. The bus ride takes around 20 minutes, and the tour of the factory will guide you through the entire production process. The tour takes you all the way through the two-kilometre-long central factory building. From start to finish, you'll get to see how humans and robots work closely together to build Volvo Cars. Welcome to book a tour of the factory that never sleeps!