Experience luxury car materials

We choose materials that feel good and do good.

Our carefully selected materials show what we believe in and where we come from. We use materials from natural, recycled and renewable sources. Materials that feel good and reduce our impact on the planet. This is responsible design at its core.

Natural and renewable materials

Close up of white wool on a sheep.
Natural wool

Our tailored wool blend upholstery feels soft and warm, and is made from 30 per cent natural wool fibre and 70 per cent recycled polyester. The wool we use is traceable and responsibly sourced.

A design mood board containing parts from a linseed plant, a fabric woven from flax, and an interior panel of a Volvo EX30 made of the woven flax material.
Woven flax

Flax is a natural and renewable fibre that comes from linseed plants, which need very little water to grow. Flax requires less energy to make and produces less emissions compared to regular plastic parts.

Large, leafy tree branches amongst a forest.
Wood interiors

For nearly 100 years, we have been using wood in our cars. All the wood veneer we use in our interior finishes is responsibly sourced to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.


Premium interiors with mindful design

Zinc Tailored Wool Blend

The exclusive and responsibly sourced Tailored Wool Blend seat upholstery in a leather-free Charcoal interior enhances a welcoming ambience. When darkness falls, the Light Ash decor lights up in a glowing, warm pattern.

Light Ash


Recycled and experimental materials 

A top-down forest view on half of the image. A full water bottle made of recyclable plastic on the other half of the image.
Nordico – developed by us

Our own Nordico material is smooth, durable and easy to clean. It consists of recycled polyester from PET bottles and PVC made from bio-attributed material from Swedish and Finnish forests.

A design mood board demonstrating the journey of old windowpanes crushed down and used in the interior décor of the Volvo EX30.
New life for plastic

We use recycled plastic waste as a décor option: discarded PVC window frames and roller shutters are pulverised, converted into small flakes and used for the top surface of our so-called particle décor.

Rescued jeans

When jeans are shredded for recycling, the long fibres from the fabric twist into a yarn. The short fibres usually become waste. We rescue these short fibres by using them in our denim interior décor.

Redefining luxury

When our designers create our car interiors, they aim to redefine luxury by using more sustainable lightweight materials.

Excess and conventional fabric make way for materials that are natural, recycled and certified. Materials that feel tactile, are of great premium quality and create lasting impressions.

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