For every you. Bold styling. Smart tech. Electric driving. The EC40 crossover is designed for all the ways you live life.

Electric range

(Up to)

DC fast charging time



Energy consumption

(per 100km)


(0-100 km/h)

Next-generation powertrains

Drive further and charge faster with our next-generation electric powertrains. They’re engineered to increase range and reduce charging times.

Powerful acceleration

Enjoy the powerful acceleration that makes driving fun. The EC40 is designed to deliver a complete driving experience with zero tailpipe emissions.

Agile handling

Select the Single Motor powertrain and get the power and agility of rear-wheel drive. Opt for the Twin Motor to enjoy even more powerful performance and an all-wheel drive experience.


Drive inspired. Intuitive features and enabling tech that can inspire confidence on the road.

Google built-in
Advanced air purification
Harman Kardon Premium Sound
360° camera
Cross traffic alert
Volvo Cars app


Full specifications and model details

Bird’s-eye view of the fully electric Volvo EC40.


Full specifications and model details



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Can I order the Volvo EC40 online? 

In some markets, cash and subscription orders can be placed online. Please note that pricing is indicative and may be subject to changes before delivery due to factors beyond our control, such as increased taxes, fees, interest rates, etc. You'll be notified of any changes and can cancel before delivery.

Is the Volvo EC40 the same car as the C40 Recharge pure electric?

Yes, it's the same car. We added an E to represent that this is a fully electric car.

Is the Volvo EC40 fully electric or a plug-in hybrid?

The EC40 is a fully electric five-seat SUV.

What’s the range of the Volvo EC40?

The estimated range of the fully electric Volvo EC40 is up to 582km. Range depends on various factors, including driving style, outdoor temperature, weather, wind, topography and road conditions. Other factors that impact range include how much electricity you use for car functions such as heating and cooling. Help extend your range by preconditioning the battery when charging to hit the optimal temperature when your journey begins.

What equipment do I need to charge a Volvo EC40 at home?

We recommend a Volvo Cars wallbox. It delivers faster, more efficient charging than a regular wall socket. Wallboxes have an integrated cable holder and a 5-metre charging cable with a Type 2 socket (IEC 62196), making it compatible with all fully electric Volvo cars.

Install your wallbox indoors or outdoors. It's water resistant, and you can purchase a pedestal to install the wallbox where a wall surface isn't available.

Connect to the wallbox via Wi-Fi to see charging status, schedule charging, and more using your smartphone, computer or tablet. Dynamic LED lighting on the front of the wallbox uses different colours to help you check your charging status at a glance.

Learn more about charging at home.

How can I charge my Volvo EC40 away from home?

Electricity costs fluctuate across markets and regions, but they consistently remain lower than diesel and petrol prices on a global scale. At the same time, public charging infrastructure is expanding as new providers add stations to their networks.

We're committed to enhancing the charging experience of Volvo drivers by making it more convenient and cost-effective. That includes access to the largest charging networks in Europe, the United States and China and preferential rates.

It's convenient to locate nearby chargers offering exclusive rates for Volvo drivers using the Volvo Cars app.

Learn more about charging your fully electric Volvo SUV.

Can the Volvo EC40 help me find the nearest charging station?

Yes. In countries where Google Maps includes charging stations, you can search for and select public charging stations directly on the centre display. Use the Volvo Cars app when that’s more convenient.

What’s the storage capacity of the Volvo EC40?

The EC40 boot has a carrying capacity of up to 480 litres, including the compartment under the load floor. There's a 31-litre space under the bonnet for items you want to keep handy, like charging cables.

What’s the towing capacity of the Volvo EC40?

The EC40 can tow up to 1,800kg.

How much maintenance and service is needed for the Volvo EC40?

The electric motor in the EC40 is sealed for life and maintenance-free. That means the fully electric EC40 needs much less maintenance compared to a car with a combustion engine. That may result in lower running costs.

Is the Volvo EC40 available for business customers?

Yes. Contact our fleet team to discuss how we can bring the EC40 to your fleet.

Does the Volvo EC40 have Apple CarPlay?

Yes, Apple CarPlay is standard in the fully electric EC40.*   

*Apple CarPlay can only be used in combination with iPhone model 5 or later. Apple CarPlay and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Is there a battery warranty for the Volvo EC40?

The Volvo Car Warranty covers the battery for up to eight years or 160,000km (whichever occurs first), provided the car and battery are maintained and used in accordance with Volvo Cars’ recommendations.

How can I know that the car’s battery has been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way?

Volvo Cars maintains a strong focus on the battery raw material supply chain to enable responsible sourcing. In 2019, we launched blockchain to enable traceability from the mine to the car of the cobalt used in our batteries. Since then, the scope has widened to include nickel, lithium, mica, graphite and tracking carbon emissions.

We also have an audit program covering the suppliers in the battery supply chain. The aim of the program is to ensure that suppliers at all tiers in our cobalt, lithium, nickel, mica and graphite supply chains are conformant with relevant standards and frameworks and to ensure continuous improvement of ESG (environmental, social, governance) performance across our battery supply chain. The audits are conducted against the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-affected and High-risk Areas and the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining Critical Requirements or equivalent schemes for mines.

Sustainability performance is a key consideration when assessing and selecting our suppliers. We continuously monitor the performance of our existing suppliers and work with them to improve the sustainability performance of our products and services.

Read more in the Volvo Car Group Code of Conduct for Business Partners and Volvo Car Group Annual and Sustainability Report.

What is Intelligent Speed Assist and how does it affect driving?

Intelligent Speed Assist is a safety-enhancing system required by law within Europe, and Volvo Cars' solution is designed to be as smooth as possible for the driver. The purpose is to help the driver avoid unintentional speeding, for example, when entering new speed zones or when speed limits differ depending on the time of day or road conditions. The system continuously reads speed limit signs together with map data.

If you, as a driver, exceed a legal speed limit, you can be notified by an audible and visible signal. You can also set the system to automatically slow down the car if you drive too fast. The Intelligent Speed Assist is on by default every time you start the car and activates automatically at speeds over 20 km/h. It's possible to deactivate the function while driving.

Please note: The driver is always responsible for how the car is controlled; this is only a supportive function.

The fully electric Volvo EC40 and EX40 sit parallel in a striking outdoor environment.

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