Special Vehicles

Special Vehicles by Volvo Cars

We optimise protection for special customers.

Three Volvo police cars and three armoured Volvo SUVs parked outside an official building

Innovative thinking, together. We develop high-level protection in close cooperation with special customers around the world.

It's about people

We are sensitive to each customer's special requirements. We innovate to optimise protection of people, businesses and authorities in close collaboration with customers and partners.

It's about our planet

Volvo Cars aims to be a fully electric car company by 2030. We are at the forefront of our industry’s transition to zero tailpipe emission vehicles, which is key to the world avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.

It's about protection

You and your protection are our focus – whether it's about safeguarding mobility for people in need of extra protection, or enhancing safety for police forces all over the world.

The Volvo XC40 full-electric, XC60 and V90 Cross Country police cars parked outside an official building.

Police & Emergency

Our police car business started in 1929. Based on this heritage and together with police forces all over the world, we have developed a well-proven police car offer with focus on safety and tailored turn-key solutions. Our aim is to meet local and national police force needs, while adding to personnel protection and sustainable operations.

The heavy-armoured Volvo XC90 and the light-armoured XC90 and XC60 parked outside an official building.


With our range of armoured cars, we aim to meet the demand for increased protection for officials and other special customers. Each armoured Volvo is designed and factory built in close cooperation with leading armouring experts and meets relevant official ballistic certification standards to ensure protection with full Volvo Cars warranty.

Special Sales

Bird's view of a man leaving his Volvo S90 parked beside graphical marble stairs.

Through our direct sales channel we provide special customers such as governments, ministries and global operators with tailored car offers and services.

This sales channel is primarily a complement to Volvo Cars' existing sales network, with the aim of meeting very special customer requests.

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