Tell Us reporting line

Please note that our Tell Us reporting line is a dedicated whistleblowing channel. If you want to discuss or report an issue related to our products or services, or have any other enquiry, please visit Contact Us | Volvo Cars - International for contact details.

Reporting compliance concerns

Our code of conduct sets the tone for how we conduct business globally. Our commitment to comply with the laws, regulations and standards that apply in the countries in which we operate is strong.

Jim Rowan, Chief Executive Officer of Volvo Cars Group

Jim Rowan, Chief Executive Officer of Volvo Cars Group

Everyone working at, or with, Volvo Cars must be comfortable holding each other to account, speaking up, raising questions or concerns about ethical issues or cases of non-compliance, without fear of retaliation.

Tell Us

Our Tell Us reporting line provides all Volvo Cars employees and all external stakeholders with a dedicated reporting channel for raising concerns about any suspected violation of Our code of conduct , our policies, or applicable laws and regulations. Your report is anonymous, unless you choose to reveal your identity.

Reports from employees

Inside Volvo Cars – anyone who wants to discuss a concern, or if they suspect any violation of laws, or our Code, corporate policy or directive – we encourage our employees to talk to their manager or local HR representative.

Our staff can also contact their local Compliance and Ethics Champion, the Compliance and Ethics Office, or the Legal Department. As an additional option for reporting, we offer our staff the Tell Us reporting line.

Reporting from outside Volvo Cars

External stakeholders – business partners, customers, other third parties involved with Volvo Cars – who suspect a violation of laws or our Code can also raise concerns by using our Tell Us reporting line.

How to report?

When making a report, please include a detailed description of your concern – including what has happened, when did it happen, where did it take place and who is involved, if available.

If you provide information about a person, please do not include sensitive personal information which is clearly part of that person's private life; e.g. mental or physical condition or religious beliefs.

Tell Us

Zero tolerance for retaliation. Volvo Cars does not accept any form of retaliation against individuals who report concerns in good faith.

FAQs on our reporting channel

Who runs the reporting line?

The Tell Us reporting line is operated by a third party*.

When and where is the reporting line open?

The Tell Us reporting line is available 24/7, 365 days per year and enables persons to submit reports in more than 200 countries and locations, and in more than 60 different languages.

What report formats can be used?

Reports can be made via phone, or as a web report. The reporter always receives an individual case number – note this and keep it safe – it's your personal key to the Tell Us system. The case number allows you back into the system to track progress and to communicate with the case handler.

What happens after a report is made?

After a report is submitted, a transcription of the voice message or web report is translated and sent to the Compliance Investigations Unit, consisting of a limited number of dedicated personnel in the Compliance and Ethics Office at Volvo Cars.

Are reports confidential?

All reports are treated as confidential and all reports are taken seriously. Appropriate actions will be taken on each report.

Do those who make the report remain anonymous?

Reports can be made anonymously but Volvo Cars encourages reporters to identify themselves. We ask this because it's more difficult, and in some instances even impossible, to investigate reports that are made anonymously.

What else can this channel be used for?

The Tell Us reporting line can also be used to seek guidance regarding potential misconduct without fear of retaliation.


You’re welcome to explore our more detailed reporting channel FAQ list and other related documents below. You can also contact our Compliance and Ethics Office by e-mail:

* Volvo Car Corporation is data controller for personal data processed in the Tell Us reporting line. The third-party operator and data processor is People Intouch B. V., Olympisch Stadion 41, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands.