Available only in Chinese Mainland.

Room for life.

Meet the fully electric Volvo EM90. Your home away from home.

A premium MPV born from the exclusive design and safety heritage of Volvo Cars.

Available only in Chinese Mainland from March 2024.

Available only in Chinese Mainland from March 2024.

Electric range

(Up to)

Estimated DC fast charging time (10-80%)

Energy consumption per 100km

Battery capacity

Exclusive Scandinavian styling

Stand out in an MPV that reimagines our signature Scandinavian design style in a new way.

Spacious 6-seat cabin

Relax in complete comfort with superior headroom and legroom across three rows of full-sized seats.

Advanced safety features

Feel peace of mind with safety features that draw on our almost 100-year history of pioneering safety innovations.

Versatile by design

Make travel easier for anyone you welcome on board with multi-functional screens and intelligent voice controls throughout the cabin.

Exterior colours

Interior design

Everyone can feel at home in the EM90, whether you’re travelling with clients and colleagues, family or friends. Packed with comfort and in-car entertainment features, it’s a versatile room for what matters most.

Dappled light falls on the second-row lounge seats featured in the Volvo EM90.

Room to create.

Impress important guests with a room designed to foster creativity. Confidently host discreet discussions, presentations and online calls. When the work is done, entertain them in first-class comfort.

Room to connect.

Make the most of family time in a room created for connection. The EM90 is designed to make it easier for passengers of all ages to step in and stretch their legs. Once you’re rolling, catch up, watch a movie or sing along to your favourite songs.

Room to relax.

Unwind with friends in a room designed for relaxation. Inspired by the calming simplicity of Scandinavian home design, the cabin invites conversation. Change the vibe to match your mood with immersive lighting and state-of-the-art audio.


Model details


Model details



The figures are preliminary and derived from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for the EM90, and these outcomes are not guaranteed.

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Yes. The EM90 is expected to be available in Chinese Mainland from March 2024. Configure your EM90 and purchase it online here.

Delivery is expected to begin March 2024.

Volvo EM90 features Volvo’s Safe Space Technology, bringing 96 years of safety knowledge to the all-electric MPV segment.

Yes. We’re bringing our expertise as a leading luxury electric car maker to a new segment with the Volvo EM90, our first MPV.

The EM90 has an approximate range of 738km on a single charge, which is the preliminary target according to the CLTC driving cycle under controlled conditions for a new EM90.

Range depends on various factors, including driving style, outdoor temperature, weather, wind, topography and road conditions. Other factors that impact range include how much electricity you use for car functions such as heating and cooling.

We recommend charging up to 80 per cent capacity to charge as fast as possible. This helps keep charging times short, as the last 20 per cent takes the longest.

This approach means you can charge 10 to 80 per cent at a DC fast charging station in as little as 28 minutes.

The figures are preliminary and derived from estimates and calculations performed for EM90 and are not guaranteed. Charging times may vary and depend on factors such as outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition, car condition, etc.

Our new fully electric premium MPV has six full-sized seats across three rows.

An MPV, or Multi-Purpose Vehicle, is a versatile vehicle known for being spacious and flexible. MPVs typically seat five or more passengers with seats that can be folded or removed for added cargo space. MPVs often feature sliding rear doors that make them easier to access, making them popular with drivers who need a versatile way to travel with family and professional contacts.

Future technology and features shown and described, final design and capabilities may vary.

When the car is moving, items placed on the table may dislocate and may cause injury to a passenger or property damages during an unexpected stop or collision. Trays, leg rests and reclined positions are recommended to be used when the car is stationary.

The user interface in the EM90 is not currently available in English. Words and images as depicted in cabin displays may not reflect actual content available in EM90 and may be perceived differently by individual customers. Performance figures shown, including drivable range and air quality, may not reflect actual performance.