Volvo Cars Tech Fund

We aim to build and nurture a portfolio of high-potential startups in the mobility space that can scale and become our closest partners to help us create better and more competitive products and services.

Truly strategic investment focus

The Tech Fund plays a key role in Volvo Cars' transformation towards becoming a fully electric car company in 2030 and climate neutral by 2040









Volvo Cars Tech Fund collaborates with startup innovation platforms. Our partners include

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“We leverage investments and collaboration with startups to access disruptive solutions and technologies”

Ann-Sofie Ekberg, CEO Volvo Cars Tech Fund

Meet the team

Meet the team driving the Volvo Cars Tech Fund.

Shkölqim Fejzi

Investment director

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Andrew Gilchrist

Investment director

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Pratik Budhdev

Senior investment director

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Saurabh Jain

Investment director

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Wei Wang

Investment director

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Damian Murray

Investment associate

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Michael Schön

Technical director

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Guillaume Cabrère

Head of startup collaboration

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Henrik Forsberg

Business owner portfolio

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Ann-Sofie Ekberg


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Our investments

Our portfolio encompasses broad industry areas and geographies. Discover our innovative investments and how we leverage their products and solutions within Volvo Cars.


Luminar’s cutting-edge lidar technology provide our vehicles with unparalleled perception and decision-making capabilities, making them safer, smarter and more efficient.

Luminar logo


Actasys has designed electronically controlled system of small actuators that generates strong jets of air and maintain the visual clarity of vison sensors and cameras.

Actasys logo


Forciot is an industry leader in printed stretchable electronics. Their high-quality sensor based IOT solutions can turn any surface into a smart surface, able to sense and interact with its users.

Forciot logo


UVeye is a computer vision tech company that develops automated inspection systems for vehicles, powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary hardware.

UVEye logo


Varjo makes the world's most advanced VR/XR hardware and software for industrial use.

Varjo logo


Spectralics has designed a new type of thin optics ‘film’ that can help create a wide field of view ‘heads-up display’ with virtual objects superimposed onto the real-world environment.

Spectralics logo


Zūm provides one seamless, real-time platform and interface for parents, drivers, schools, districts, administrators, and operators to transport children safely and with increased visibility and personalized care.

Zūm logo


With the mission of creating the ultimate online car buying and selling experience, Carwow helps its 12+ million users discover the best new car for them, compare offers and buy directly from trusted dealers.

Carwow logo


Bcomp develops sustainable light-weighting natural fiber composites. Their proprietary natural fibre-based reinforcement technologies reduce environmental impact in a wide range of high-performance applications, notably for automotive interiors.

BComp logo

Niron Magnetics

Niron Magnetics’ technology based on Iron Nitride enables magnets that possess inherently higher magnetization and can be produced at a lower cost compared to today’s rare-earth magnets.

Niron Magnetics logo


Circulor is the leader in bringing traceability to complex industrial supply chains. Their blockchain technology ensure complete, real-time visibility for better supply chain performance and traceability

Circulor logo


StoreDot is the pioneer and leader of extreme fast charging (XFC) electric vehicle batteries.

StoreDot logo


Enjoyelec provides digital solutions and value-driven energy storage asset operation services in the areas of power trading, energy dispatching, and smart charging technology.

Enjoyelec logo


RemotiveLabs has built an automotive software development platform designed to streamline the vehicle manufacturing process.

RemotiveLabs logo


Viospatia has developed a unique 3D inspection system that can analyze high-speed moving components directly on production lines with real-time results, providing live process control and quality control data to customers.

Viospatia logo


CorrActions provides a software-only, motion based, driver monitoring solution.

CorrActions logo


Humane is an experience company on a mission to create the technologies and platforms for the intelligence age. They are designing a new class of consumer devices and technologies that leverages the power of contextual computing powered by AI, and built on a foundation of trust and privacy.

Humane logo


Dcbel’s Home Energy Station brings premium DC charging to residential homeowners. Their charger is bi-directional and allows for integration with solar inverters and a home energy management platform to create an integrated system.

Dcbel logo


RIIICO empowers manufacturing companies to generate digital layouts at the digital factory floor level.


Leadrive Technology

Leadrive designs and builds power modules that use silicon carbide (SiC), a semiconductor base material that promises to unlock highly efficient and flexible electric propulsion systems.

Leadrive Technology logo


Breathe Battery Technologies is a technology company that specializes in developing advanced battery management algorithms.

Breathe Battery Technologies logo

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