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Trunk capacity (in)

S90 Recharge

plug-in hybrid

Spacious, 5 seats

1024 x 373 x 1149

58km(electric); 1.7-2.4 litre/100km

S60 Recharge

plug-in hybrid

Medium, 5 seats

996 x 485 x 1005

59km (electric); 1.5-2.3 litre/100km


Spacious, 5 seats

1024 x 373 x 1149

7.4-8.5 litre/100km


Medium, 5 seats

996 x 485 x 1005

7.2-8.2 litre/100km

Understated elegance. Distinctive Scandinavian-inspired design.

Stylish exteriors

Luxurious interiors

Premium ergonomic seats

Viewed from a distance, a plug-in hybrid Volvo sedan sits in a surreal interior while its battery is charged.

Plug-in hybrid sedan cars

Embrace electric driving with a back-up plan in a Volvo plug-in hybrid sedan.

Head-up display
Pilot Assist
Advanced chassis

Inspired design for inspired driving.

A driver's view of the head-up display appearing on the windshield of their Volvo car.

Daily commutes. Weekends away. Date nights. Our luxury sedans are designed to make every drive more intuitive and pleasurable.

Elevated driving. Premium technology delivered in style.

Bowers & Wilkins audio system

Intuitive centre display

Cabin air purification

An illustrated image of a Volvo car from overhead driving alongside other vehicles.

Sedan safety features

Safety sits at the heart of everything we do. Discover the pioneering safety features available in our sedans.

Wide shot of a Denim Blue Volvo S90 saloon car moving along a forested road on a sunny day.

Family sedans

A Volvo family sedan car is an investment in the safety and comfort of your loved ones. Find out why.

A Scottish terrier sits calmly buckled into a special dog harness available as an official Volvo Cars accessory.

Sedan car accessories

We design accessories and lifestyle products to elevate every journey in your Volvo sedan car. Find what you’re looking for.

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