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Volvo estate

A versatile Volvo icon reimagined for lifestyle and family safety.

A Volvo Estate V90 and a Volvo Estate V60 Recharge standing on a grey floor

Our estates are designed around modern family life, giving you safety, comfort and versatility.

Meet the Volvo estate family

Compare Volvo estates

Trunk capacity (mm)
V90 Recharge
V90 Recharge Plug-in hybrid

Spacious, 5 seats

1100 x 759 x 1153

54km(electric); 1.7-2.4 ltr/100km

V60 Recharge
V60 Recharge Plug-in hybrid

Medium, 5 seats

1138 x 731 x 1033

59km(electric);1.5-2.3 ltr/100km


Spacious, 5 seats

1100 x 759 x 1153

7.4-8.5 ltr/100km


Medium, 5 seats

1138 x 731 x 1033

7.2-8.2 ltr/100km

*Stats for plug-in-hybrid shows "upto" range. The specified fuel consumption values were determined in accordance with the newly introduced Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP).

A grey Volvo V60 Recharge plugin hybrid being charged

Thinking about electric cars?

Our pure electric and plug-in hybrids make up our Volvo Recharge line. We developed Recharge so you can enjoy the comforts of Scandinavian design and Volvo safety technology, while making the most of electric power to help reduce the environmental impact of everyday life.

Plug-in hybrid estateAn electric motor and petrol engine work in harmony for lower tailpipe emissions.
How clever is this estate?

Driver assist with curve speed adaptation automatically adjusts your speed to the curvature of the road, providing greater comfort and a more relaxed drive.

Want parking with a view?

Four high-definition cameras give you a 360° bird’s eye parking view, so you can easily park your estate – no matter how tight or crowded the space.

Why let the sky be the limit?

An open-and-tilt panoramic roof lets you instantly enjoy fresh air and the world outside. Open up and let in the sun with the touch of a button.

Added safety means more versatility

Our Volvo estates are packed with structural features and automatic systems that help keep you safe. From city streets to dark country roads, we’ve got you covered.

Explore a Volvo estate

The integrated connectivity system inside a Volvo displays a map of central Gothenburg

Connect your world

Our infotainment system offers seamless connectivity, allowing you to pair your smartphone and receive real-time traffic information inside the advanced, voice-controlled navigation.

The boot space of a Volvo Estate is filled up by a brown elegant armchair

V stands for versatility

Our estates are designed around the diverse realities and needs of modern family life, with all the space, versatility and everyday practicality you need.

Inside a Volvo Estate, 5 seats with wool blend midnight zink interior

Space for lifestyle and family

Our cabins are like a Scandinavian living room. Comfort, natural materials and a clever use of space create a warm and inviting environment.

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