Brand protection

Our vision is that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo, and we want every Volvo car to stay safe throughout its entire lifecycle. That’s why genuine Volvo parts are important.

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Counterfeit reporting

If you suspect that you found a counterfeit part, please get in touch with us. Please give us as much information as possible about the counterfeit part and where it was found. If it is possible please attach photographs, receipts or any other relevant documents. Our email address is

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Why use Volvo Genuine Parts?

Our parts are always guaranteed to carry the same uncompromising promise as the car itself. All genuine Volvo parts have been designed, tested and manufactured according to Volvo Cars' detailed specifications, in order to optimally interact with all the parts and systems of the Volvo vehicle.

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Stopping counterfeit networks

Our dedicated brand protection team is committed to eliminating counterfeits. We work with investigation agencies, law enforcement bodies and customs officials all over the world to combat this threat.

What to look out for?

Fuel Filter with Mounting Parts

Genuine Volvo parts

Volvo Cars genuine parts are manufactured to meet very high quality standards. Does the suspected counterfeit appear to be made with quality materials? How is the quality of the Volvo logotype? How about paint, mouldings and finish quality?

Cabin Air Filter

Genuine Volvo packaging

Misspellings and reused packaging are sure signs that something is wrong. Does the packaging look like a standard Volvo Cars packaging? Be aware that even though it looks like a standard packaging, it can still contain a fake part.

The aerodynamically optimised roof box designed by Volvo Cars, partially made from recycled materials.

Volvo Genuine Parts

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