Volvo Police & Emergency vehicles

In the service of the law since 1929.

The Volvo XC40 full-electric, XC60 and V90 Cross Country police cars parked outside an official building.

A complete police car partner. We provide police forces with tailored vehicle solutions with a focus on well-protected personnel.

Why a Volvo Police car?

Front shot of the fully electric XC40 Police car.
Designed around people

In a Volvo Police car, people always come first. It's all about optimising ergonomics and control during long shifts as well as in critical incidents.

Police maneuver panel integrated in the centre display of the full-electric XC40 Police car.
Proven protection

A safe workplace is core. Should a collision occur, world-leading safety technologies interact to reduce the impact and help protect everyone inside the car.

The fully electric XC40 Police car with open rear door with adapted flat door panel.
Reliable performance

A Volvo Police car is engineered to perform. An efficient engine, all-wheel drive and a unique police chassis enable the car to meet high operational demands.

Tailored police vehicle offer

Different police forces have different needs. For some, we deliver turn-key police cars built in our own factory. And for others, we deliver base cars to be locally re-built.

Standard equipment

Reinforced police chassis

Our acclaimed police chassis is adapted to provide neutral and predictable handling in most situations, even when the car is heavily loaded.

180 km/h speed cap removal

The top speed of all new Volvo cars is limited to 180 km/h. Our Police and Emergency cars are exceptions and can, depending on engine, perform up to 250 km/h.

Additional equipment

Internal and external surveillance cameras

Radar equipment

Adapted flat rear door panel, right or left

Police maneuver panel integrated in the centre display

Crash-tested load installations

Door armouring

Police dog crate

Weapon safe box

Volvo Police cars. The right vehicle for the right task.

Our complete car range includes vehicles designed for a wide range of purposes. They can all be adapted for police use, and here are some examples of dedicated Volvo police cars.

XC40 Police Electric Vehicle Concept

XC60 Police Car

V90 Cross Country Police Car with Dog Crate

XC40 Police Electric Vehicle Concept. Contributing to the electrification of police vehicle fleets

Electrification is key to realising sustainable mobility, and police forces should of course be part of this transformation. To realise this, one must also rethink what a police car should do and the tactics. With this fully electric metropolitan police vehicle concept, our aim is to support the electrification of police vehicle fleets.

Zero tailpipe emissions

Fully electric propulsion allows emission-free urban police operations while driving.

The full-electric XC40 Police car at a parking lot.
Fast charging

When needed, the car charges from 10 to 80% in about 37 minutes* using 150kW DC fast-charging.

The fully electric XC40 Police car at charging.
Pure electric performance

408hp/660Nm and all-wheel drive give impressive all-road performance.

The fully electric XC40 Police car from the side at a parking lot.

XC60 Police Car

The XC60 SUV is the perfect platform for a versatile police car. There's room for people and gear, and the high seating position adds to control and facilitates entry and exit. Secure handling allows for excellent all-road performance.

The XC60 Police car at a parking lot.
Truly versatile

The XC60 Police car is designed to serve almost everywhere. The SUV design gives excellent overview as well as capacity to deal with challenging situations.

The XC60 Police car from the side at a parking lot.
Dynamic performance

The police chassis, the efficient mild-hybrid engine and all-wheel drive make the XC60 Police car as capable on the highway as in rural or urban environments.

V90 Cross Country Police Car with Dog Crate

World-class safety, comfort and versatility make the V90 Cross Country one of our most acclaimed police cars. And with this special dog unit variant, we can help ensure comfortable transports and a relaxing place for one or two police dogs.

The V90 Cross Country Police car at a parking lot.
Ready for action

The V90 Cross Country intends to meet all the requirements for a versatile and reliable partner. It's a capable all-roader with the flexibility for almost any challenge.

The V90 Cross Country Police car from the rear with open tailgate, a police dog crate and a dog.
Dog care without compromises

The police dog crate helps to maintain a comfortable temperature for up to two dogs. In case of emergency, it allows easy escape for the dogs.

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