Volvo Protection cars

Armoured cars for people in need of extra protection.

The heavy-armoured Volvo XC90 and the light-armoured XC90 and XC60 parked outside an official building.

Enter the safeguarded zone. By advanced armouring, we provide officials and special customers with the protection they need.

Light armoured cars

Our light-armoured XC90 and XC60 SUVs provide certified 360° ballistic protection according to the NIJ-IIIA standards – without compromising on comfort and performance.

Heavy armoured cars

Featuring one the highest levels of ballistic and explosives certifications (VPAM VR8), the heavy-armoured XC90 SUV helps protect in the most precarious of situations.

Tailored protection

Different police customers need different levels of protection. By enabling the installation of specific armoured body components, all our police cars can help provide added protection.

The certified armouring referred to means that the vehicle has passed certain ballistic protection tests made under specific testing conditions. The ballistic protection may therefore depend on the true ballistic incident.

Volvo XC60 and XC90 Armoured (Light)

Front shot of the light-armoured Volvo XC60 and XC90 in a financial district parking lot.

The next level of Volvo safety

With armouring certified to withstand light handgun fire according to the NIJ-IIIA standards, these SUVs are the ideal choice for special customers who need extra protection, as well as for authorities, security services and police forces.

SUV design for enhanced security

The SUV design provides an excellent overview while all-wheel drive, optimised chassis and high ground clearance add to stability and control. The clean Scandinavian design gives a luxurious look without attracting unnecessary attention.

Detail shot of partly lowered left front door window displaying the thickness of the laminated glass in a light-armoured Volvo.
Discreet protection

All armouring, including the reinforced laminated glass in all windows, is discreetly integrated into the car’s design to help protect without being seen.

Side rear studio shot of the light-armoured Volvo XC60 in Onyx Black.
360° peace of mind

The extensive body armouring helps provide efficient 360° ballistic protection from different angles and distances with a special focus on joints and overlaps.

Ballistic certification

The ballistic certification test of the complete car based on the VPAM BRV 2009 standard was performed by the German ballistic test authority, Beschussamt Ulm.

Volvo XC90 Armoured (Heavy)

Side view of black Volvo XC90 heavy armoured car in white studio environment.

High-level assault protection

The heavy-armoured XC90 SUV offers our highest level of personal protection: VPAM VR8 ballistic and explosives certification. It is the result of a close collaboration with one of the world’s leading armoured vehicle suppliers.

The comfort zone

The exclusive XC90 SUV is the essence of discreet Scandinavian design – also in its heavy-armoured version. The passengers can relax in an elegant cabin surrounded by comfort, and it’s easy to get in and out of the vehicle.

Detail shot of slightly lowered left front door window displaying the thickness of the laminated glass in the heavy-armoured Volvo XC90.
Silent security

The heavy-armoured XC90 SUV doesn’t attract unnecessary attention. All armouring solutions, such as the heavily reinforced window glass, are elegantly integrated and almost invisible from the outside.

Side front studio shot of the heavy-armoured Volvo XC90 in Onyx Black.
Dynamic SUV performance

High seating position, all-wheel drive and heavy-duty chassis and wheels help the driver take tactical actions. The car features full EU road certification.

Detail shot of the right rear ingress of the heavy-armoured Volvo XC90 showing parts of the rear seat in Charcoal leather.
Uncompromised protection

This is protection without compromises. The VR8 armouring provides 360° ballistic and explosives resistance according to VPAM BRV 2009 and ERV 2010 standards.

Added protection

Front shot from above of the Volvo XC90 in Onyx Black parked in a street with an approaching man, the sun stands low and casts long shadows.

Customised protection by Volvo Cars

For those of our customers who operate in threatening environments, we can offer protection solutions in addition to our armoured cars offer. This means that we can add extra protection where it's needed for police and emergency vehicles.

A flexible armouring partner

Depending on customer requirements, we can provide the added armouring in cooperation with local police vehicle rebuilders. It can also be fitted in our own factory as part of a tailored turn-key police vehicle solution.

Get in touch

What's your need of protection? If you would like to know more, get a quote or discuss your specific needs – reach out to us, and we will support with our expertise.

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Who can buy an armoured Volvo?

Sales of armoured vehicles may be subject to trade sanctions and export controls. To ensure that Volvo Cars complies with such rules, all customers in the process of buying an armoured Volvo vehicle will be subject to sanction screening and a review will take place to establish whether any license is required for the destination or end use.