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We put our customers’ needs first to build long-term partnerships based on trust, flexibility and transparency. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our extensive expertise in international fleet agreements and the support of our global fleet sales team.

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The benefits

A long-term business partner to trust

Our long-standing experience in serving international fleet is key to making your international framework agreement match the needs of your company’s global fleet strategy. We believe in making things effortless and collaborate with our long-term business partners on the base of trust, flexibility and transparency.

International fleet agreements – one point of contact

Partnering up with us with an international fleet agreement means we offer you a single point of contact – for all markets included in your agreement. Our international Fleet Sales Team is happy to support your company’s needs and find smooth solutions for you and your drivers.

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Pioneer in safety

We’ve been a leader in car safety for decades. It’s a crucial part of our culture and central to everything we do. Our fleet includes numerous top global safety rankings across models.

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Creating a more sustainable future

Sustainability is one of the most important priorities for our future success. By 2030, we aim to be a fully electric car company, a critical step on our journey towards becoming a climate neutral business by 2040.

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Go electric

Our range of fully electric cars with zero tailpipe emissions, and plug-in hybrids with lower tailpipe emissions both deliver a superior driving experience and support the journey towards becoming climate neutral. Join us in making our fleets more sustainable.

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