Senior Vice President Group IT & Chief Digital Officer

Atif Rafiq

Born: 1973

Birthplace: USA

Atif has helped pioneer digital spaces across a number of industries, providing strong visions for new consumer experiences with his relentless customer focus and high business discipline around execution. As a digital native senior executive, he has helped several multinational companies get ahead with e-commerce, mobile, digital media, social media and retail.

Companies worked for: Goldman Sachs, AOL, Audible, Covigna, Yahoo, Amazon, McDonald’s.

Professional experience:
2013 - 2017 Chief Digital Officer, McDonald’s Corporation
2011 - 2013 General Manager, Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon
2008 - 2011 Head of Local Business, Head of Global Product Marketing/Strategy Y! News, Yahoo!
2001 - 2005 CEO/Founder, Covigna
1999 - 2000 Senior Director, Audible
1996 - 1999 Corporate Dev & Strategy, AOL
1994 - 1996 Financial Analyst, Goldman Sach

After acquiring a university degree in Mathematics-Economics, Atif Rafiq started his professional career as a Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs. After a couple of years in the position, Mr Rafiq began his long career in internet businesses, starting with AOL and later Audible. During his years at these companies, Mr Rafiq also acquired an MBA in Finance and Marketing. In 2001, Atif Rafiq co-founded and served as CEO of content management system provider Covigna until it was sold to Proquest. When Mr Rafiq joined Yahoo in 2008, he did so as Head of Global Product Marketing/Strategy, responsible for product positioning, strategic direction, marketing and metrics for Yahoo! News globally, and as Head of Local Business, running product marketing, business development and monetisation for Local properties. In 2011, Atif Rafiq joined Amazon to serve as General Manager for its Kindle Direct Publishing operations, before he in 2013 joined McDonald’s as its first Chief Digital Officer. Atif Rafiq joined Volvo Cars in January 2017 to steer the company’s continued digital transformation. 
Atif Rafiq is married and has three children. 

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