Volvo Genuine Tires

Made to match your vehicle’s peak driving potential. Volvo tires are uniquely developed to provide superior performance and comfort for your specific Volvo model.

Volvo Tires and Road Safety - Close up of a Volvo tire

Seize the road

Tires are an integral part of your car's road-handling and safety system. They affect fuel consumption, electric vehicle range, noise levels, braking, steering, stability, and driving comfort. The tires fitted on a new Volvo car were developed to be perfect for your specific model. By making sure to replace them with Volvo Genuine Tires, you know you are making the best choice for your vehicle.

Find Volvo Genuine Tires - Front half of a black car

Look for Volvo Genuine Tires

To ensure your vehicle continues to deliver the highest standard, always look for ***VOL*** marked tires. Competitively priced and always installed by factory-trained technicians, Volvo Genuine Tires have been tested, customized, and approved to optimize performance for each specific Volvo model.

The Best Tires for a Volvo - Mechanic checking tire on a car

Best for your Volvo

When we develop a new car, we create a detailed set of specifications about the properties required of its tires. The tire construction is then thoroughly tested in both the laboratory and the real world. Often the tires undergo several rounds of design and testing before they become truly optimized. Only then will it receive the VOL marking.

Prepare for the road ahead

Maximize the life of your tires by checking tread depth and air pressure monthly. Replace tires when tread depth falls below 3/32”. Contact your Volvo retailer today for a complimentary tire inspection.