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The Volvo Cars app and the top view of an EX90

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Simple controls for more worry-free driving.

Quick stats

Find peace of mind in one place.


Google Maps*

Find your way in a familiar way.

Google Maps. Set a destination before setting off.

Easy search

Use Google Maps built-in instead of the center display. It’s a familiar way to quickly and easily find a specific location, restaurants, charging stations, and more with just a few taps.

Seamless integration

Know where you’re heading? Send your selected destination to the car for turn-by-turn navigation via the center display.

Remote lock and unlock*

Double-check without doubling back.

Remote lock and unlock. A quick fix when you’re forgetful.

Remote control

Remotely lock and unlock your Volvo car with a single tap. No more worrying about forgetting or losing time when you leave keys behind.

Security reminders

Forget to lock your car? You'll get a reminder when the car isn't locked after parking.

Open window alert

Look for an alert if a window remains open when you lock the car.

Parked car locator*

Get help finding your car when you can’t.

Parked car locator.  Save time – and steps.

Map the location

Android customers will see their parked car’s location on a Google Maps interface, while iOS customers will see Apple Maps. Choose between Standard and Satellite view and toggle traffic information on or off.

Find it in a flash

Crowded parking lots can make it tricky to locate your car at night. Flash the headlights to find it again.

Beep to get back

Can’t quite remember where you parked? Honk your car’s horn to find your way back.

Added comfort at the touch of a button.

Car climate controls

Create ideal cabin conditions with a click.

Car climate controls. Comfort in any weather

Set the temperature

Before you even get in your car, warm the cabin when it's cold and cool it down when the temperature rises. Set a timer for pre-heating and cooling.

Air purification*

Make every start a fresh start.

Air purification. Better air quality before you go.

Remote air quality checker

Check the quality of the air in the cabin of your car before you get inside.

Quick air purification

Run a five-minute purification cycle to ventilate the cabin and replace stale air with fresh, clean air.

Parked car locator and alarm*

Stay close even when you’re far away.

Parked car locator and remote alarm. Aware from anywhere.

Location mapping

See the address of your car’s current location on the home screen and pinpoint on a map where it was last parked.

Alarm notifications

Know when your car alarm triggers at any distance.

Better charging for smoother electric driving.

Find, pay for, and track charging

Transform your top-ups.

Charging station finder. Fuss-free electric driving.

Select a charging station

View charging stations within range and select a station from those listed.

Filter to find the best option

Use filters to find fast chargers if you need a rapid top-up. Filter by real-time availability and to stations in partner networks where Volvo drivers can enjoy discounted rates.

Pay without hassle

Store your preferred payment method to quickly pay at your chosen charging stations. The app will save receipts, too, so you can track your charging expenses.

Plan ahead

Search for chargers near your destination before setting off. It can help make charging fit seamlessly into your day.

Battery status and range

Know how far you can go.

Battery status and range. Because going should be easy.

Charge level

Quickly see the charge level of your car’s battery and approximately how many real-world electric miles you can cover.

Real-world range

The predicted range is calculated on your recent driving behavior, not generic test data.

Fuel level and mileage

Plug-in hybrid drivers can see how far they can go on their electric motor and approximate mileage on their gasoline engine.

Charging status

Plug in and forget about it.

Charging status. Be 100% sure your car will be ready.

Charging confirmation

With a quick glance, you can be sure that your car is plugged in and actively charging. Walk away knowing the car will be ready when you return.

Monitor progress

Make the most of your time by quickly checking progress and how long before the battery will hit your selected charge level.

Quick support when you need it.

The maintenance checks icon in the Volvo Cars app

Maintenance checks and alerts*

Stay on top of maintenance without trying.

Maintenance checks and alerts. No-stress car care.

Status checks

Easily check that your tire pressure, lights, and fluids are in good order.

Service reminders

Book your annual service right on time when we send you a reminder.

The service booking icon in the Volvo Cars app

Service bookings*

Take a shortcut to your annual service.

Service bookings. A quick route to routine care.

Local Volvo retailer listings

Select from a list of local Volvo retailer and view available dates and times for the service you’re after.

Handy reminders

Schedule reminders and calendar events to make your service bookings more manageable.

The road assistant icon in the Volvo Cars app

Roadside assistance

Get help 24/7 with one tap.

Roadside Assistance. Hassle-free help.

Help at the touch of a button

Call for Roadside Assistance with the tap of a single button. You’ll be connected automatically to a local operator who can assist you.

See your details

Find your registration number and vehicle identification number above the call button for a smoother request for help.

The customer support icon in the Volvo Cars app

Customer support

Contact customer support directly.

Customer support. Shortcuts to help.

Customer support contacts

Call, chat, or text with us directly from the app. We’ve put all customer support contacts in one place to make it easy.

The support manuals icon in the Volvo Cars app

Searchable support manuals

Find answers with ease.

Searchable support manuals. Question, meet answer.

Searchable car manuals

Your car’s manual is available directly in the app. Use the search field to find the specific information you’re after.

The personalized notifications icon in the Volvo Cars app

Personalized notifications*

Little pings that make a big difference.

Personalized notifications. Do less. Get more.

Charging updates

Quick confirmation messages and updates on the progress and completion of your charge mean you can plug in and move on.

New features

Look for news about new software-based features, accessories, and products that might enhance your ownership experience.

A helping hand

We’ll send you helpful nudges. It might be a reminder to lock your car or a prompt to charge. You’ll hear from us when your annual service is coming up and to remind you about service bookings. We’ve got your back.

How can we help?

Contact us with questions about the Volvo Cars app.

Learn more about the Volvo Cars app

What is the Volvo Cars app?

The Volvo Cars app helps Volvo car drivers get more from their experience. Content and features are tailored to your car and software-based services.

What is included in the Volvo Cars app?

The Volvo Cars app offers practical and intuitive features that help you get more from your Volvo experience.

It equips you with remote controls to secure your car and pre-condition the cabin climate. There are features to help make charging your fully electric or plug-in hybrid Volvo car more cost-effective. And we’ve made car manuals searchable so you can get answers quickly. You can also contact support directly from the app.

The app's features, functionality, and content depend on your car model and the services available in your area.

Has the Volvo Cars app replaced the Volvo On Call app?

Yes, the Volvo On Call app was changed to the Volvo Cars app. The app benefits from continuous development and refinement.

Is my old Volvo Cars app subscription affected by the app name change? (ie. the Volvo On Call subscription)

No, it continues as normal, and you don’t need to do anything. It’s the name that has changed only.

Who do I contact for app support?

The app has a dedicated support tab where you can get support in different ways directly from the app. If the app is not working, you can click here to get help.

What is a Volvo ID and how can I create a Volvo ID?

Volvo ID is your unique account with Volvo Cars. It serves as your credentials to access products and services and allows us to identify you as a customer and app user. You can create your Volvo ID the moment you install the app and open it for the first time.

I forgot my login details/have trouble logging in. What should I do?

Did you forget your password? Follow the instructions below to reset your password.

In the Volvo Cars app:

1. Start the Volvo Cars app
2. Select “Log in”
3. Press “Forgot password?” and follow the instructions.

For further login help, please click here to get support.

*Volvo Cars app features may not be available in all markets or for all models. Some features may not be available until a later date. Future technology may be described, and final capabilities may vary. Images on this page may not reflect the in-app experience. The US version of the app will show units in United States customary units.
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