Volvo S90 - Luxury sedan


The All-New Volvo S90

The luxury sedan, made for a new world

Volvo S90 - Luxury Interior

For those who enjoy driving as much as they enjoy being driven.

A true driver’s car, blending premium comfort with a driver-oriented chassis, the all-new S90 presents a confident, engaging on-road experience. Also featuring our second generation Pilot Assist technology, the all-new S90 is the only vehicle in the US with semi-autonomous driving technology standard. At your command the car will assist steering, acceleration, deceleration, and braking up to 80 mph, allowing you to experience everything the all-new S90 has to offer, while staying in complete control.


Your Volvo Concierge

A personal assistant exclusively for buyers of the all-new Volvo S90.

The luxury sedan redefined.

Introducing the elegant and confident all-new Volvo S90. Combining exquisite natural materials with sophisticated, intuitive technology, this is the next generation of Volvo Cars.


Concept 26

Introducing a new symbol of automotive freedom

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