HD Radio® in Your Volvo

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Across the United States, there are nearly 2,000 AM and FM stations now broadcasting with HD Radio® Technology which is your local AM and FM stations. Now, with an HD Radio equipped receiver in your new Volvo, you’ll enjoy extra local FM channels that analog radios do not receive. HD Radio Technology also upgrades the sound quality in your car with digital, CD-like audio quality. Plus, song title and artist name will display on the screen of your HD Radio receiver. All of these benefits are 100% SUBSCRIPTION FREE.

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To learn about the local HD2/HD3 channels available in a new Volvo equipped with an HD Radio Technology, click on any of the links below.

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What are the Benefits to the Volvo Driver?

• FM sounds like CD quality, and AM sounds like today’s FM-stereo.
• The Digital signal results in a Crystal-clear reception without the audio distortion, pops, static or hiss of analog signals.
• HD2/HD3 channels allow a broadcaster to distribute more music, news, sports and entertainment selections, keeping listeners at the forefront of what’s new and what’s happening.

Where is HD Radio broadcasting available?

HD Radio broadcasts are available in every major metropolitan area across the US. The reception coverage area in digital mode is somewhat less broad than the station's analog coverage area. Please be aware that as with any radio broadcast, terrain, time of day, foliage level and building location can have positive or negative effects on radio reception. If you would lose the digital signal; your radio will revert to the analog signal.

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