Volvo Heritage Club

Volvo Heritage Club

Volvo has designed and manufactured cars since 1927 and has had a loyal following ever since. As a Volvo owner you enjoy the rare combination of Scandinavian design, driving pleasure, durability and safety that is unique to the Volvo brand. Whether it is in many different Volvos over time, or many miles in one Volvo, we want to recognize your long-standing loyalty and high mileage achievements.

• You or a member of your household has owned one or more Volvos for ten consecutive years or more
• You currently own a Volvo with more than 100,000 original miles
• You were a member of the former Volvo High Mileage Club

Club Members Receive:
• A commemorative Volvo Heritage Club medallion to proudly display on your car
• The latest Volvo news
• Previews of new product offerings
• Access to exclusive promotions and offers
• Special invitations to Volvo events.
• Opportunities share your own Volvo story with the Volvo owner community

Medallion Achievement Levels
Consecutive Years of Ownership: 10, 15, 20, 25 years
Mileage: 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000, 500,000, 750,000 1,000,000

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