All-New S90

Safety Features

The All-New S90 comes with innovative safety features to ensure you drive with peace of mind.


With class-leading safety technologies like the world-first road-edge detection, and auto-brake at intersection, the All-New S90 is one of the safest cars on the road.

Support and Safety

Drive effortlessly with Adaptive Cruise Control, to ensure you maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. When you travel at speeds below 50km/h, Pilot Assist technology will also guide you with gentle steering inputs to ensure you stay within the lane.

Visibility and Manoeuvring

Parking and manoeuvring is made simple with 360° Surround View technology. This safety feature provides your with a birds'-eye view of your car and its surroundings.

Alertness and Attention

Driver Alert Control will assist you if you feel drowsy or unattentive while on the road. This technology will prompt and alert you to take a break. The Rest Stop Guidance function will even tell you where a safe area is to stop.

Light Control

Active High Beam Control provides you with clearer visibility while you are on the road at night, allowing you to drive with high beam all the time, without affecting oncoming drivers. This feature detects others drivers, pedestrians and cyclists ahead and automatically shades the beam to allow optimal lighting and safety for all road users.

Lane Changing

With Blind Spot Information System in the All-New S90, you can change lanes with confidence knowing when it is safe. This technology uses radar sensors to alert you of traffic around your Volvo.

Lane Keeping Aid

The All-New S90 also keeps your car safely on the road with Lane Keeping Aid. When it detect that your are drifting from the lane unintentionally, it gently steers you back to a central position of the lane.

Vision 2020

At Volvo, we are dedicated to the safety of our drivers. Vision 2020 aims to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and accidents to create a more sustainable personal transport.

Our vision is that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020.

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