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Volvo Roadside Assistance: 1800 186 586

5 years Roadside Assistance

In the unlikely event that your Volvo encounters a mechanical breakdown, you can benefit from our complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance Program.

Additional Service initiated benefit

As part of our Service Initiated Roadside Assistance (SIRA), you may be eligible for a yearly extension to the 5-year policy for a maximum of 3 years if the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the manufactures service schedule at an Authorised Volvo Service centre.

Volvo 24hrs peace of mind

24 hours peace of mind

This service offers you total peace of mind 24 hours a day every day Australia-wide. Should you require roadside assistance, please call 1800 186 586 and quote your vehicle registration and the VIN number indicated on your vehicle’s compliance plate.

Volvo Events Covered

What Events are Covered?

• Mechanical breakdowns • Flat Tyres • Flat Battery • Locked in keys • Out of fuel

Volvo Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance We Can Provide

• Mechanical assistance at roadside • Towing if your vehicle is unable to be mobilised at roadside • Emergency fuel provision • Change of tyre/wheels given a spare is available • Replacement battery service • Single one-way metropolitan taxi fare • Urgent message relay • Arranging appropriate transportation for your vehicle and passengers • Out of fuel

How our Roadside Assistance Program Works

The Volvo Roadside Assistance program is valid for the length of the manufacturer warranty (New Car and Extensions) and is also provided under the Service-Activated Roadside Assistance Program.

Please note that some assistance is subject to specific monetary allowances and all decisions about the provision of benefits are at the discretion of the Volvo Service Provider. The following program explanation is not inclusive of all potential eventualities and you are welcome to contact our Customer Relations Centre should you require more details or have any further questions. The contact number is 1300 787 802 and the office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm (EST).

Additional Roadside Benefits

There are additional program benefits that apply when the vehicle is over 100km away from home and is disabled for more than 24 hours. • Accommodation for up to 3 nights in conjunction with the car rental for a period of 3 days will be provided; or • Car rental for a period of up to 3 days; or • Alternative vehicle ground transportation to the driver and passengers should car rental be unavailable • Relocation of a repaired vehicle from a Volvo retailer in circumstances where your vehicle can be transported to your home address within Australia once it has been repaired

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Volvo Roadside Assistance
Volvo Roadside Assistance
Volvo Parts and Warranty
Volvo Roadside Assistance


Explore our bespoke service features, to support you in care for your model.

Volvo Roadside Assistance

Service Plans

Our range of service plans, ensures your model is regularly serviced and maintains optimal performance.

Volvo Parts and Warranty

Customer Parts Warranty

Some of your vehicle's parts could be eligible for replacement, after your warranty expires.

Care Centre Service Notification

• Regarding Service Providers, Local Authorities and Emergency Services.
• In order to provide you with the published emergency services, the vehicle’s SIM card needs to be in an area of network coverage. If there is no signal to the SIM, SOS dialling is not available.
• In order to provide you with the Care Centre Services, we collaborate with different service providers (including Network Providers), law enforcement authorities and the emergency services. We may change our service providers from time to time.
• We shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of third party service providers or for the acts or omissions of law enforcement authorities or the emergency services.
• Except where you enter into an agreement directly with a third party service provider, you will have no legal relationship with our service providers. You will not be a third party beneficiary of any agreement between us and the service providers.
• In addition to the charges for your Digital Services Package, you may be charged state and local 000 or other emergency service fees in association with the emergency services attending an incident.