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*Manufacturer’s Recommended Driveaway Price is an estimated price only. It includes Volvo Car Australia’s recommended retail price for the selected vehicle, GST, 12 months private registration, Luxury Car Tax (if applicable), a maximum delivery fee, stamp duty, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), options entered during the customer journey and other applicable statutory fees and charges. Registration fees are calculated in accordance with the applicable state/territory requirements for a vehicle fitted with a premium licence plate and based on a private owner aged 40 with a good driving record and the vehicle being garaged in the postcode entered on the device you are using to view this website. The price displayed does not include the cost of a comprehensive motor insurance policy, which is optional and will need to be purchased separately. The price of some of the charges shown in the price breakdown/price summary are set by third parties, subject to change and have been estimated based on the postcode you have provided as your location and assuming that location is both where you will purchase and garage the vehicle. Neither Volvo Cars nor the Volvo Car retailers set the third party fees and charges. The actual drive away price you pay for your selected vehicle will be agreed by you with your preferred authorised Volvo Car retailer and set out in the vehicle sale agreement between you and the Volvo Car retailer. This price may differ from the displayed Manufacturer’s Recommended Driveaway Price depending on the owner's individual circumstances, including the choice of insurer and State of purchase and selections made during the purchasing journey. The price also includes access to the Digital Services Package and data (subject to the fair use policy) to enable the said services. Depending on the vehicle and model year you have selected time limits may apply and after the initial period a prolongment or renewal will be offered and a subscription fee will be charged. For more information contact your preferred Volvo retailer. Some specifications, performance features, characteristics, capabilities and optional extras featured may not be available or may not apply in Australia or under Australian conditions. The information contained above should not be relied on. As a model year progresses, changes may occur to the specifications, features, options and pricing. Contact your local Volvo retailer to obtain current and accurate information (including specifications, vehicle capabilities and optional extras) and to confirm a price that is specific to you.
**The figures are preliminary and derived from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars which is not carried out on every individual vehicle sold by Volvo and these outcomes are not guaranteed. The real-life driving range and energy consumption achieved under real conditions varies depending on factors including but not limited to driving style, road and traffic conditions, environmental influences, vehicle condition and accessories fitted, means in the real world the range you experience can differ from that advertised. Advertised figures are meant for comparison purposes. Vehicle certification pending.