Discover the Volvo wagon range

Versatility and space in the signature comfort of a Volvo car.

The side view of a Volvo estate car in an urban environment

Meet our Wagons

Life in balance. Scandinavian-inspired style and utility.

Expressive exterior styling

Inspired by our Scandinavian design heritage, Volvo wagon exteriors are quietly expressive. It’s a distinctive composition of elegance, luxury and practicality.

Spacious cabins

The five-seat wagon cabin takes inspiration from the minimalism of the Scandinavian home. That means the headroom and legroom to relax and a panoramic glass roof that draws light for a calm, airy feel.

Ergonomic seats

Our seats help reduce pressure, hunching and shoulder tension by optimising support for the spine. Upholstered in premium textiles, these ergonomic seats deliver comfort in style.

Head-up display

Keep an eye on your speed, follow turn-by-turn navigation and check alerts without looking away from the road with a head-up display.

Advanced air-purification

Reduce or eliminate 99.9 per cent of pollen allergens and 97 per cent of airborne viruses from the cabin with our cutting-edge air purification technology.

Designed for more confident driving.

A driver's view of the head-up display appearing on the windshield of their Volvo car.

Wagon cars should make going and doing effortless. Volvo wagon cars do more, with premium features designed to inspire confidence on the road.

Room to roam. Wagon cars designed for space and convenience.

Spacious boots

The large boots in our wagon cars let everyone pack what they need – and what they think they need. Need more room? Boost cargo capacity by folding down some or all rear backrests.

Flexible and easy-to-load

The no-lip landing and flat floor help make it easier to load and unload whatever you’re hauling. Keep things tidy using integrated holders and hidden compartments.

No-effort access

When your hands are full, open and close the power tailgate with the motion of your foot. Operate it from the driver’s seat or your key when that’s more convenient.

An illustrated image of a Volvo car from overhead driving alongside other vehicles.

Wagon safety features

For more than 95 years, we’ve pioneered car safety innovations. Discover the safety features available in our midsize and large estate cars.

A Volvo estate car with a roof box sits parked on a sandy beach.

Wagon car accessories

Accessories like roof boxes, dog cages and bike racks can enhance the comfort, safety and utility of your Volvo wagon car. Find what you’re looking for.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

Meet our refreshed, ready-for-anything wagon – built for wherever life takes you.

Learn more about our wagon cars.

How many seats are in a Volvo wagon car?

All Volvo wagon cars have five seats.

Are Volvo wagon cars manual or automatic?

All Volvo wagons are automatic.

How much can a Volvo wagon car tow?

The V60 Cross Country can tow up to 1,800kgs.

What Google apps and services are available in Volvo wagon cars?

With Google built-in, Google Assistant makes it easy to call or text friends, set reminders and change the temperature in the car. Use Google Maps to get the information you need on your drive, including live traffic updates, reminders and proactive alerts. And use Google Play to download your favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks and more.*

*Google services are enabled through the Digital services package which is included for 5 years for MY24 vehicles. After this period ends, new terms and fees will apply if you choose to renew. Fair Use Policy for data applies. Connectivity is subject to network coverage.

Do Volvo wagon cars have Apple CarPlay?

Yes, Apple CarPlay is standard in Volvo wagons.*

* Apple CarPlay can only be used in combination with iPhone model 5 or later. Apple CarPlay and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Can I install a bike rack on a Volvo wagon car?

Roof-mounted and towbar-mounted bicycle holders are available for Volvo wagons. View the accessories available in your market .

How long is a Volvo wagon car?

The length of the V60 Cross Country is up to 4,787mm in length.

What are wagon cars?

Wagons are similar to hatchback cars, except they are longer and feature larger load compartments. The boot lid is typically vertical or nearly vertical and it hinges upward from the car’s roof.

What’s the difference between sedan cars and wagon cars?

Wagons are a similar body type to sedans (also called saloons), but they are longer, and the load compartment is not separated from the cabin. This makes them more similar to hatchbacks, although wagons typically have larger boots and upright boot lids.

Is an wagon car bigger than a sedan car?

Compared to sedans (also called saloons), wagons are typically longer in length and feature larger load compartments. Because the cabin isn’t separated from the load compartment, they can usually carry longer and bulkier items.

What are hatchback cars?

Hatchbacks are versatile passenger vehicles with a boot lid that swings upward to reveal a cargo compartment connected to the cabin. Like wagons, most hatchbacks have rear backrests you can lower to increase cargo capacity.

What’s the difference between hatchback cars and wagon cars?

Hatchbacks are typically shorter than wagon cars with smaller load compartments and passenger cabins. Wagons have spacious load compartments allowing you to carry larger, bulkier items.

Information and photographs on this website may include overseas models and features not available in Australia. Please confirm exact specifications, features and availability with your local Volvo retailer.

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