Urban adventurer

The new V40 Cross Country

Explore the city and beyond

The perfect getaway car

The rugged yet elegant V40 Cross Country is a Volvo for people who don’t just talk about adventure – they live it, too. When your thirst for spontaneity takes you to roads less travelled, this is your tough, durable and stylish partner.

Volvo V40 Cross country ground clearance
Uplifting experience

The Cross Country’s ride height is raised an extra 12mm over the regular V40, which gives you a more commanding view of the way ahead – which is useful both in town and when you’re in the countryside.

Volvo V40 Cross Country rugged wagon
High rollers

Bigger challenges may call for bigger wheels. Several unique wheel designs are available in sizes up to 19 inches to enhance the rugged yet elegant look of your V40 Cross Country.

Volvo V40 Cross Country rugged wagon
Drive-E powertrains

State-of-the-art Drive-E powertrains balance responsive power with responsible efficiency. T5 and T4 petrol versions are teamed with an all-wheel-drive system, while there’s our alternative, high-torque D4 diesel with front-wheel drive.

Volvo V40 Cross Country

What the experts say

Unique promise

“The V40 Cross Country delivers on a promise Volvo always seems to conjure up – that is a unique feel and flavour for what is effectively a small hatchback.” CarAdvice.com.au

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