Changing settings for apps

All of the car's apps are listed in the app view. The app settings that relate to the car's embedded functions can be changed from the centre display's top view.

Apps for embedded functions - basic apps

The apps installed in the car from the beginning, e.g. FM radio and USB, are a part of Sensus and are part of the car's embedded functions. Settings for these apps can be changed directly in the top view in the centre display.

Change the settings for a basic app

Tap on the app, e.g. FM radio.
Drag down the top view.
Press FM Radio Settings.
Change settings as desired and confirm the selections.
Press either the physical home button or the virtual close button.

Most of the car's basic apps have this contextual setting option, but not all. Refer to the section "Categories in the settings view" for more information on how settings are changed.

Third party apps

Third party apps are not included in the car's system from the beginning, but are the type that can be downloaded e.g. Volvo ID. Here the settings are always made inside the app and not from the top view.