Change settings for the centre display

The centre display is started automatically when the driver's door is opened. The settings can be changed for the centre display to personalise sound and themes. The screen can be switched off so as not to be disruptive whilst driving.

Switching off/changing the system sounds volume in the centre display.

The system sounds volume in the centre display can be adjusted or switched off:
Press Settings in the top view in the centre display.
Press SoundSystem Volumes.
Under Screen Touch, drag the control to change the volume/switch off screen touch sounds and Keypad Touch in order to adjust the volume/switch off screen keyboard touch sounds. Drag the control to the desired volume.

Changing the appearance of the screen

Press Settings in the top view.
Press My CarDisplaysThemes.
Then select theme, e.g. Minimalistic or Chrome Rings.

As a supplement to these appearances, it is possible to choose between Normal and Bright. With Normal, the screen background is dark and the text is light. This alternative is the default for all themes. A light variant can also be selected, in which the background is light and the text is dark. This alternative can be useful in e.g. strong daylight.

This alternative is always available for the user and is not affected by the surrounding lighting.