Specify destination with point of interest (Point of Interest - POI)

A destination can be specified in different ways - specifying a POI is one of them.
P5-1507-Navi-Symbol Set dest.
Tap on Set dest., at the bottom of the screen - the map image changes to search via address with its search field.
Press POI.

Tap on the desired filter:

  • Near the car
  • Near the destination
  • Close intermediate destinations
  • Along route
  • Around point on map
Search for and select desired POI.
Select Start navigation or Add as waypoint.
P5-1507-NAVI-Ange resmål POI
Example of POIs.

Many POIs (e.g. restaurants) have subcategories (e.g. fast food).

In the "Map settings" section it is possible to select which POIs shall be shown on the map. All POIs that are available in the current region are listed there. That setting does not affect searching for POI as destination - even excluded POIs are shown as alternative destinations.

Certain POIs are first shown on the map when the scale is 1 km (1 mi).


  • The symbol for a POI and the number of POIs varies between different markets.
  • New symbols may appear and others disappear after a map data update. You can browse the menu system to find all the symbols used in the current map system.