Data transmission between car and workshop1

The time required for a booked visit to a Volvo workshop can be shortened by transmitting troubleshooting data as soon as the car stops at the workshop.

The data can be transmitted most conveniently by selecting the option Automatically connect when I arrive in settings view in the centre display.

Each time the car slows to a slow enough speed it starts searching for a Wi-Fi network. If an authorised Volvo network (at a workshop) is found, a message is displayed or a pop-up window opens in the centre display. (This does not apply when you connect manually, see the section "Connecting to a workshop manually" below).

Connecting to a workshop automatically


To avoid the driver being disturbed by unwanted connection inquiries (for example, if the car is often parked in the neighbourhood of a workshop with an authorised Volvo network), the connection mode will change to manual if the driver declines connection twice within a period of 5 days.

Without driver confirmation

This option provides the most convenient way of transmitting troubleshooting data. The car connects without the need for the driver to confirm.

If the car stops at the workshop and is switched off with the start knob, a message is shown at the top in the centre display. The car will connect automatically when the driver’s door is opened unless the driver presses the Cancel message button.

With driver confirmation

This option requires confirmation by the driver for the car to connect.

If the car stops at the workshop and is switched off with the start knob, a pop-up window is opened in the centre display. If the driver taps the Connect button in the pop-up window then the car will automatically be connected when the driver's door is opened. If the driver does nothing, or presses the Abort button in the pop-up window, no connection will be made.

Connecting to a workshop manually

Manual connection is made by the service technician.

Changing the connection mode

The way the car connects can be changed in the settings view in the centre display.

Press Settings in the top view.
Press CommunicationVolvo Service Networks.
Select Automatically connect when I arrive, Ask before connecting or Never connect and never ask (manual connection).
  1. 1 This functionality will be gradually introduced in connection with the service workshops extending their services.

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