Calibrating tyre monitoring*

In order for the Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (ITPMS) to work correctly, a reference value for the tyre pressure must be determined. This must be performed each time the tyres are changed or the tyre pressure is changed.
For example, when driving with a heavy load or at high speed above 160 km/h (100 mph), the tyre pressure should be adjusted in accordance with Volvo's recommended tyre pressure values. Following which, the system must be recalibrated.
Stop the engine.

Inflate the tyres to the desired pressure in accordance with the tyre pressure label on the door pillar on the driver's side.

P5-1507-tyre pressure sticker
Start the engine.

Open the Car status app in the app view.

Tap on Status to view tyre monitoring.


The car must be stationary when calibration is started.
Press Calibrate.
Tap on OK to confirm that the tyre pressure in all four tyres has been checked and adjusted.

Drive the car.

Calibration is performed while the car is driving. Calibration is interrupted temporarily if the engine is switched off, but is resumed automatically when the car is driven again.

When sufficient data has been collected to enable the system to detect low tyre pressure, the tyres in the centre display change colour from grey to green. The system provides no additional confirmation that the calibration is complete.

If calibration fails, a message is shown: Calibration unsuccessful. Please try again..


Remember that the TPMS system must be recalibrated at each tyre change or if the tyre pressure is adjusted. New reference values must be stored for the system to work correctly.
  1. * Option/accessory.