Passenger compartment interior

Overview of the passenger compartment's interior and storage locations.

Front seat

P5-1507–Interior–Overview 1st seat row
Storage compartment in the door panel and by the steering wheel, glovebox and sun visors.
P5-1507–Interior–Overview tunnel console front
Storage spaces with cup holder, ashtray*, electrical socket and cigarette lighter* as well as an AUX/USB socket in the tunnel console.

Second seat row

P5-1507–Interior–Overview 2nd seat row and tunnel console
Storage compartment and ashtray* in the door panel, cup holder* in the centre seat backrest, storage pocket* on the front seat backrest and also electrical sockets and cigarette lighter* in the tunnel console.

Third seat row

P5-1507–Interior–Overview 3rd seat row side
Storage compartment and cup holder in the side panel and storage space between the seats.


Keep loose objects such as mobile phones, cameras, remote controls for accessories, etc. in the glove compartment or other compartments. Otherwise they may injure people in the car in the event of sudden braking or a collision.
  1. * Option/accessory.