Activating/deactivating ventilation of the seats*

The seats can be ventilated, for example, to remove moisture from clothes.

The ventilation system consists of fans in the seats and backrests that draw air through the seat upholstery. The cooling effect increases the cooler the passenger compartment air becomes. The system can be activated when the engine is running and takes seat temperature, solar radiation and outside temperature into consideration.

Activating/deactivating ventilation of the front seat*

P5-1507–Climate–Seat and steering wheel regulation
Steering wheel and seat buttons in the climate row.

Press the left or right-hand side's steering wheel and seat button in the climate row in the centre display in order to open the controls for seat and steering wheel.

If the car is not equipped with heated seats or heated steering wheel, the button for ventilated seats is immediately available in the climate row.

Repeatedly press the button for ventilated seats in order to change between the four levels: Off, High, Middle and Low.
The level changes and the button shows the set level.


The seat ventilation should be used carefully by people sensitive to draughts. Level Low is recommended for long-term use.


Seat ventilation cannot be started if the passenger compartment temperature is too low. This is in order to avoid cooling down the person sitting in the seat.
  1. * Option/accessory.