Run-off Mitigation

The function of Run-off Mitigation is to assist the driver to reduce the risk of the car accidentally leaving the road by means of actively steering the car back onto the road.

The function is active within the speed range 65-140 km/h (40-87 mph) on roads with clearly visible side markings/lane lines.

A camera scans the edges of the road and the painted side markings. If the car is about to cross the edge of the road, Run-off Mitigation will actively steer the car back onto the road. In addition, if steering intervention is considered insufficient to avoid run-off, brake intervention may also be activated.

Run-off Mitigation does not intervene with either steering assistance or brake intervention if the direction indicators are used. If the function detects that the driver is driving the car in an active way, activation of Run-off Mitigation will be suppressed for a short time.

The function has two activation levels:

  • Steering assistance only
  • Steering assistance with brake intervention

Run-off Mitigation with steering assistance

P5-1617-s+v90 LKA Avåkningsskydd-1
Run-off Mitigation intervenes with steering assistance.

Run-off Mitigation with steering assistance and brake intervention

P5-1617-s+v90 LKA Avåkningsskydd-2
Run-off Mitigation intervenes with steering assistance and braking.

Brake intervention helps in situations where steering assistance alone is not sufficient. The brake force is adapted automatically depending on the situation at the time of run-off.

Settings for Run-off Mitigation

The Run-off Mitigation function is selectable - the driver can select On or Off by dragging down the centre display's top view and there searching for the following:

SettingsMy CarIntelliSafeLane Assistance

To activate Run-off Mitigation:
  • Select the box at Run-off Mitigation, Assistance in case of road departure - the function is then activated.

The current setting for Run-off Mitigation when the engine is switched off remains the next time the engine is started.

Limitations of Run-off Mitigation

In certain demanding conditions, Run-off Mitigation may have difficulty helping the driver correctly. In such cases, it is recommended that the function be switched off.

Examples of such conditions are:
  • road works
  • winter road conditions
  • narrow roads
  • poor road surface
  • a very “sporty” driving style
  • poor weather with reduced visibility
  • roads with unclear or non-existent side markings
  • sharp edges or lines other than the lane's side markings.


The road run-off protection function is only a driver aid and does not work in all driving situations, traffic, weather and road conditions.

The function cannot detect barriers, rails or similar obstacles at the side of the road.

The driver always bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is driven safely and that applicable laws and road traffic regulations are followed.


The function uses the car's camera unit, which has some general limitations, see the "Limitations for camera unit" section.