Maintain or increase the hybrid battery's state of charge while driving.

In some situations, it can be useful to be able to control the hybrid battery's state of charge while driving is in progress. The Hold and Charge functions are available in all drive modes.

"Hold" and "Charge" function buttons

These functions are activated in the centre display's function view.


P5-1646-x90 hybrid-function button Hold in centerdisplay

Battery level sustained for later use.

The function maintains the charge in the hybrid battery for electric operation saves available electrical energy for later use, e.g. for driving in an urban environment or through a residential area. Hold is available regardless of the hybrid battery's state of charge.

The car works as for normal hybrid operation with discharged battery where, in addition to re-using brake-generated energy, for example, the car starts the internal combustion engine more often in order to maintain the charge in the battery.


P5-1646-x90 hybrid-function button Charge in centerdisplay

Engine charges hybrid battery.

The function charges the hybrid battery with support from the internal combustion engine for using increased electrical operation at a later time. The function is not available when the hybrid battery already has a high charge level.

Hold is activated automatically after charging to a certain level.

Symbol in the driver display

P5-15w19 - Drivemode SAVE lock

The P5-15w19 - Hybridbattery indicator lock symbol is shown in the hybrid battery gauge when one of the functions is activated, see the section "Hybrid related information in the driver display".