IntelliSafe-driver support

IntelliSafe is the Volvo Cars concept concerning car safety. It comprises a number of systems that contribute to making a car journey safe, to the prevention of injuries and to the protection of passengers from other road users.


There are systems incorporated in IntelliSafe that help the driver to drive the car in a safe manner. The driver support functions incorporated in the car include e.g. the adaptive cruise control (Adaptive Cruise Control)* that ensures that a constant distance is held between the car and the vehicle in front.

Pilot Assist* helps the driver to keep the car between the lane's edge markings, combined with maintaining a preset time interval to the vehicle ahead.

Park Assist Pilot* helps the driver park the car by sensing the area around it.

Other examples of systems that help the driver are the Active main beam, Cross Traffic Alert (CTA)* and Blind Spot Information (BLIS)* systems.


An example of a function that helps to prevent accidents is City Safety. The function warns the driver of risks of collision with another vehicle, pedestrians, cyclists or larger animals. If the driver does not react to the warning and the risk of collision is imminent then City Safety can automatically brake the car.

Lane Keeping Aid (LKA)* is another example of a function that helps to prevent accidents by warning the driver and giving corrective steering interventions if the car is about to cross a lane side line.

Also available is the run-off mitigation function (Run off mitigation), whose purpose is to reduce the risk of the car unintentionally leaving the road, and it actively steers the car back onto the road.


To protect the driver and passengers, the car is equipped with seatbelt tensioners which can tension the seatbelts in critical situations and in collisions. It also has airbags and inflatable curtains, as well as Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) which protects against whiplash injuries.

  1. * Option/accessory.