Navigating in the digital owner's manual

The digital owner's manual can be accessed from the centre display in the car. The content is searchable and it is easy to navigate between different sections.
P5-1617-Settings pane-OM-highlighted
The digital owner's manual is accessed from the top view.

Open the digital owner's manual

To open the digital owner's manual - drag down the top view in the centre display and tap on Owner's manual.

There is a range of different options for finding information in the digital owner's manual. To access the owner's manual menu – press P5-1617-Owners manual-Symbol main in the upper bar of the owner's manual.

Searching using categories

P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-category

The articles in the owner's manual are structured into main categories and subcategories. The same article can be found in several appropriate categories in order to be found more easily.

Press P5-1617-Owners manual-Symbol main and then select Categories.
The main categories are shown in a list.
Tap on a main category (P5-16w17-Owners manual-Symbol category).
A list of subcategories (P5-16w17-Owners manual-Symbol category) and articles (P5-16w17-Owners manual-Symbol article) is shown.
Tap on an article to open it. To go back, press the back arrow.

Hotspots for exterior and interior

P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-exteriorP5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-interior

Exterior and interior overview images of the car. Different parts are designated with hotspots that lead to articles about those parts of the car.

Press P5-1617-Owners manual-Symbol main and then select Exterior/Interior.
Exterior/interior images are shown with so-called hotspots in place. The hotspot leads to articles about the corresponding part of the car. Swipe horizontally over the screen to browse among the images.
Tap on a hotspot.
The title of the article about the area is shown.
Tap on the title to open the article. To go back, press the back arrow.

Learn about the car's most common functions with the Quick Guide

P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-quick guide

Leads to a page with links for a selection of articles that can be particularly useful to read in order to get to know the most common functions of the car. The articles can also be accessed via categories, but are collected here for quick access. Tap on an article in order to read it in its entirety.


P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-favorites

Located here are the articles that have been saved as favourites. Tap on an article in order to read it in its entirety.

Saving/deleting articles as favourites

Save an article as favourite by pressing P5-1617-Owners manual-favourite star not filled at the top right when an article is open. When an article has been saved as a favourite the star is filled in: P5-1617-Owners manual-favourite star filled.

To remove an article as a favourite, press the star again in the current article.


P5-1617-OM onboard-symbol-video

Leads to short video tutorials for different functions in the car.


P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-information

Tap on the symbol to obtain information about which version of the owner's manual is available in the car as well as other useful information.

Start page

P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-start

Tap on the symbol to go back to the start page in the owner's manual.

Using the search function

Tap on P5–1617–Symbol-Magnifying glas in the top menu of the owner's manual. A keyboard appears in the lower part of the screen.
Type in a keyword, such as "seatbelt".
Suggestions for articles and categories are shown while letters are being entered.
Tap on the article/category to access it.