Audio settings for media

Personalisation of audio settings for media playback.
Audio mode that recreates the acoustics from Gothenburg Concert Hall.
Press Settings in top view.

Tap on Sound and select settings:

  • Sound Experience* — more audio playback options, e.g. playback with concert hall feel. Settings replace any selections made in accordance with the points below for audio settings.
  • Tone — personal settings for bass, treble, equaliser, etc.
  • Balance - balance between right/left loudspeakers and balance between front/rear loudspeakers.

System volumes for media

Press Settings in top view.

Press SoundSystem Volumes:

  • AUX - If an external audio source (e.g. an MP3 player or iPod) is connected to the AUX input then the audio source that is connected can have a different volume than the audio system's internal volume (e.g. radio). Correct this by adjusting the volume of the input. If the volume is too high or too low then the quality of the sound can be impaired.
  • Speed and Volume Compensation - the audio system compensates for disrupting noises in the passenger compartment by increasing the volume in relation to the speed of the car. Compensation level can be set.
  1. * Option/accessory.