Charging cable

The charging cable with its control unit is used to charge the car's hybrid battery. Use a charging cable recommended by Volvo.

P5-1519-XC90 Hybrid-Cable placement in car
The charging cable is located in the storage compartment under the cargo area's floor hatch.
Specifications, charging cable
Enclosure class


Ambient temperature

-32 ºC to +50 ºC


The charging cable must not be used if any part of it is damaged - there is then the risk of electric shock and serious personal injury.

A damaged or inoperative charging cable must only be repaired by a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.


Never unplug the charging cable from the 230 VAC socket while charging is in progress - there is then a risk of damaging the 230 VAC socket.

Always stop charging first before unplugging the charging cable from the car's charging input socket and then from the 230 VAC socket.

Control unit

P5-1519-XC90 Hybrid-Control module hybrid cable
Control unit indicators and controls.
P5-Icon red circle 1 Indicator shows selected charging current1.
P5-Icon red circle 2The symbol illuminates when the charging cable is plugged into a 230 VAC socket2.
P5-Icon red circle 3Pushbuttons to increase/decrease the charging current.
P5-Icon red circle 4The symbol illuminates when the charging cable is plugged into the car's charging input socket.


The charging cable will remember the last setting of the charging current. It is therefore important to adjust the setting if another 230 VAC socket is used at the next charging.


Multiple plugs, overvoltage protection or similar devices must not be used together with the charging cable since this may involve a risk of fire, electric shocks, etc.

An adapter between the 230 VAC socket and charging cable may only be used if the adapter is approved in accordance with IEC 61851 and IEC 62196.

  1. 1 Maximum charging current may vary depending on market.
  2. 2 The voltage in the socket may vary depending on market.