Sport mode for electronic stability control

Electronic stability control (Electronic Stability Control — ESC) helps the driver to avoid skidding and improves the car’s traction.

The ESC system is always activated — it cannot be switched off. However, the driver can select Sport mode, which allows for a more active driving experience.

In Sport mode the ESC system detects whether the accelerator pedal, steering wheel movements and cornering are more active than in normal driving and then allows a certain degree of controlled skidding with the rear section before ESC intervenes and stabilises the car.

For example, if the driver stops a controlled skid by releasing the accelerator pedal, the ESC system intervenes and stabilises the car.

Sport mode also provides maximum traction if the car has become bogged down or is driving on a loose surface, such as sand or deep snow.

Select/deselect Sport mode

P5-1507-Knapp Antisladd ESC Off/Sportläge

The Sport mode is activated/deactivated in the centre display's function view.

Tap on the ESC Sport Mode button in function view.
Sport mode is activated/deactivated, a green/grey indicator is displayed in the button.
P5-1507 Symbol ESC sport

The driver display indicates Sport mode by displaying this symbol with a constant glow until the function is deactivated or the engine is switched off. The next time the engine is started, the ESC system is back in its normal mode again.

Limitations for Sport mode

The ESC Sport Mode function cannot be selected when one of the functions from speed limiter, cruise control or adaptive cruise control is activated.