Cross Traffic Alert*

Cross Traffic Alert (CTA) is a driver aid that is intended to warn of crossing traffic when the car is reversing. CTA is a supplement to Blind Spot Information (BLIS).
P5-1507-CrossTrafficAlert Princip
Principle of CTA.

CTA supplements the functionality of BLIS by providing the ability to see crossing traffic approaching from the side, such as while reversing out of a parking space.

CTA is primarily designed to detect vehicles. In favourable conditions it may also be able to detect smaller objects, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

CTA is only active if the car rolls backwards or if reverse gear has been selected.

If CTA has sensed that something is approaching from the side, this is also indicated with:
  • an acoustic signal - the sound is heard in the left-hand or right-hand speaker according to the direction from which the object approaches.
  • an illuminated icon in the PAS graphics on the screen.
  • an icon on the Park assist camera top view.
P5-1646-CrossTrafficAlert Screen symbol
Illuminated CTA icon in the PAS graphic on the screen.


CTA is a supplementary aid and does not work in all situations.

CTA is no substitute for a safe driving style and the use of rearview and door mirrors.

CTA can never replace the driver's responsibility and attention - it is always the driver's responsibility to reverse in a safe manner.

  1. * Option/accessory.