Driving with a trailer under special conditions

When driving with a trailer in hilly terrain in a hot climate there may be a risk of overheating.

In the event of overheating, a warning symbol illuminates in the driver display together with a message, see section "Overheating in the engine and drive system".

The automatic gearbox selects the optimum gear related to load and engine speed.

Steep inclines

Do not lock the automatic gearbox in a higher gear than the engine "can cope with" - it is not always a good idea to drive at a high gear with low engine speed.

Parking on a hill

Depress the brake pedal fully.
Activate the parking brake.
Select gear position P.
Release the brake pedal.

Block the wheels with chocks when parking a car with hitched trailer on a hill.

Starting on a hill

Depress the brake pedal fully.
Select gear position D.
Releasing the parking brake.
Release the brake pedal and start driving off.