Lane Keeping Aid

The function of lane assistance is to help the driver to reduce the risk of the car accidentally leaving its own lane on motorways and similar major routes.

Lane assistance steers the car back into its lane and/or warns the driver with an acoustic signal or steering wheel vibration.

Lane Keeping Aid is active within the speed range 65-200 km/h (40-125 mph) on roads with clearly visible side lines.

On narrow roads the function may be unavailable, in which case it goes into standby mode. The function becomes available again when the road is wide enough.

P5-1507-DAS Princip för DAC
A camera reads the side lines of the road/lane.
P5-1507-LKA Princip Styrhjälp
Lane assistance steers the car back into its lane.
P5-1507-LKA Princip Varning+Styrhjälp
Lane assistance warns with steering wheel vibrations1.
Depending on settings, lane assistance acts in accordance with the following:
  1. Steering assistance activated: When the car is approaching a lane line, LKA will actively steer the car back into its lane by applying a slight torque to the steering wheel.
  2. Warning activated: If the car is about to cross a lane line, the driver is warned by means of an acoustic signal or vibration in the steering wheel.


When a direction indicator is switched on, there are no steering corrections or alerts from Lane assistance.


Lane assistance is merely a driver aid and does not engage in all driving situations or traffic, weather or road conditions.

The driver always bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is driven safely and that applicable laws and road traffic regulations are followed.

Steering assistance

A precondition for the functioning of the LKA steering assistance is that the driver’s hands are holding the steering wheel. The system monitors this continuously.

P5-1507-Knapp-LKA Hands-Off-Warning

If the driver does not keep his/her hands on the steering wheel, the driver display shows this symbol and the following message, to prompt the driver to actively steer the car:

  • Lane Keeping Aid Apply steering
If the driver does not then start to steer, the symbol is shown again, combined with a warning sound and this message:
  • Lane Keeping Aid Standby until steering applied

If the driver then still does not follow the prompt to start steering, LKA is set in standby mode - the function will then be unavailable until the driver starts to steer the car again.

Lane assistance does not intervene

P5-1507-LKA Princip Gena i kurva
Lane assistance does not engage on sharp inside curves.

In some situations, lane assistance allows lane lines to be crossed without intervening with either steering assistance or a warning - e.g. when using the direction indicators or cutting bends.


In certain demanding conditions lane assistance may have difficulty helping the driver correctly. In such cases it is recommended to switch off this function.

Examples of such conditions are:
  • road works
  • winter road conditions
  • poor road surface
  • a very “sporty” driving style
  • poor weather with reduced visibility
  • sharp edges or lines other than the lane lines
  • roads with unclear or non-existent line markings.


The function uses the car's camera unit, which has some general limitations, see the "Limitations for camera unit" section.
  1. 1 The steering wheel vibration varies - the longer the car remains outside the lane lines, the longer the vibration.