Adjusting the head restraints in the second seat row

Adjust the centre seat head restraint according to the height of the passenger. Fold down the outer seat head restraints* to improve rearward visibility.

Adjusting the head restraint, centre seat

P5-1507- Fold up headrest

The centre seat's head restraint must be adjusted according to the passenger's height so that, if possible, the whole of the back of the head is covered. Slide it up manually as required.

P5-1507-2nd seat row-Adjust headrest center back

To lower the head restraint, the button (located in the centre between the backrest and head restraint, see illustration) must be pressed in while the head restraint is pressed down carefully.


The centre seat head restraint must be in its lowest position when the centre seat is not used. When the centre seat is used, the head restraint must be correctly adjusted to the height of the passenger so that it covers the whole of the back of the head if possible.

Electrical lowering of the rear seat's outer head restraints*

P5-1507-2nd seat row-Automatic folding down headrest back

The outer head restraints can be lowered in two ways via the centre display:

Via the function view

P5-1507-Head rest fold-symbol funktionsvyn

Press the Headrest fold button to activate/deactivate lowering.

Via settings

The car's electrical system must be in the ignition position II.
Press Settings in the top view.
Press My CarSeats.
Select Fold Headrest On Second Row Seats to lower the rear outer head restraints.


Do not lower the outer head restraints if there are passengers in any of the outer seats.

Move the head restraint back manually until a click is heard.


The head restraints must be in locked position after being raised.


The head restraints on the outer seats in the second seat row must always be raised when the third seat row* is occupied by passengers.
  1. * Option/accessory.