Safety grille*

The safety grille prevents loads or pets in the cargo area from being thrown forward in the passenger compartment.

The safety grille is crash-tested in accordance with the ECE R17 legal requirement and fulfils Volvo's strength requirements.

For safety reasons, the safety grille must always be attached and anchored correctly.


Under no circumstances may anybody remain in the cargo area while the car is moving. This is to avoid injury in the event of heavy braking or an accident.

The safety grille's parts consist of the grille and two loose attaching braces. The attaching braces each come with a screw cap and there are two plastic sleeves for the safety grille.


The safety grille must only be used in the rear position described here. The roof mountings behind the front seats are not intended for the safety grille.


For safety reasons, the third seat row1 must be lowered when the safety grille is fitted in the car.


It is not possible to have the protective grille fitted at the same time as the cargo cover.


Lower the rear seat and then lift the safety grille in through one of the rear side doors or via the tailgate - the arched/convex side of the grille should face the cargo area while the hooks on each side point up. The attaching braces and plastic sleeves are not used in this stage.
P5-1507 Protection grid step 1

Guide one of the safety grille's hooks into the larger opening in the roof mounting (1).

Grasp the grille near the hook and pull/slide it towards the smaller opening (2).

The hook is now secured in the roof mounting's end position.
Repeat the steps in point 2 above to secure the other hook in the mounting on the other side.


Make sure the hooks of the safety grille are securely fitted in the roof mountings so there is no risk of the grille coming loose.
P5-1507 Protection grid step 2

Hook the attaching brace's hook through the load securing eyelet at the cargo floor from underneath, and guide the threaded part through the cargo grille's lower attachment hole from underneath (1).

Slide a plastic sleeve on the threaded part of the attaching brace - the sleeve flange should face up - and guide it down through the hole. Then screw on the screw cap until its lower edge is approx. 5 mm from the grille (2).

Repeat the steps in point 4 on the other side.
Centre the safety grille and then tighten the two attaching braces alternately until the grille is properly secured.


Remove the safety grille by performing the above steps in reverse order.

Note that the attaching braces can be removed before the plastic sleeves are removed from the holes in the grille.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to 7-seat cars.