Locking/unlocking from the outside

The car is locked/unlocked from the outside using buttons on the remote control key or with the door or tailgate handles if the car is equipped with keyless locking/unlocking (Passive Entry)*. The tailgate can be operated via power operation* and/or foot movement*.


16w17 - SPA - Remote Key with buttons

The buttons on the remote control key can be used to lock/unlock all doors and the tailgate simultaneously.


The driver's door must be closed in order for the lock sequence to be activated. If any of the other doors or the tailgate is open, then these are not locked and their alarms armed* until they are closed. The alarm's movement detectors* are activated when all the doors and the tailgate are closed and locked.


Be aware of the risk of locking the remote control key/Key Tag in the car.

A remote control key/Key Tag left in the car will be deactivated when the car is locked and the alarm is armed using another valid key. The deactivated key is reactivated when the car is unlocked.


Do not allow anyone to remain in the car without first deactivating the deadlocks in order to avoid the risk of anyone being locked in.


If it is not possible to lock/unlock with the remote control key, the battery may be discharged - in which case, lock or unlock the driver's door with the detachable key blade. See the section "Detachable key blade" for more information.


Always try moving closer to the car and making another unlock attempt.

Settings for remote-controlled unlocking

It is possible to select different sequences for unlocking.

Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.
Press My CarLockingRemote Unlock.

Select option:

  • Unlock All Doors

- unlocks all doors simultaneously.

  • Driver Door Only

- unlocks the driver's door. Unlocking all of the doors requires two presses on the remote control key's unlock button.

The settings made for the Remote Unlock function also affect central unlocking via opening handles from the inside. For more information about how unlocking from the inside is affected, see the section "Locking/unlocking from the inside".

Keyless locking/unlocking*

If the car is equipped with keyless locking/unlocking*, it is sufficient to have the remote control key in the vicinity e.g. in a pocket or a bag, making it more convenient to open the car if your hands are full. For information on the system's range, see the section "Remote control key range".

Touch-sensitive surfaces

The outside of the door handles contains a recess for locking, while the inside contains a touch-sensitive surface for unlocking. The tailgate handle has a rubberised pressure plate that is only used for unlocking.

P5-1519- dörrhandtag beröringskänslig yta
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Touch-sensitive recess for locking
  2. P5-Icon red circle 2Touch-sensitive surface for unlocking


It is important that only one touch-sensitive surface is activated at a time. Gripping the handle while touching the lock surface risks giving double commands. This means that the requested activity (locking/unlocking) will not be executed, or will be executed with a delay.
P5-1507 Tailgate pointing out handle
Rubberised pressure plate on the tailgate used for unlocking only.

Keyless locking

All side doors must be closed to be able to lock the car. The tailgate, on the other hand, can be open when locking the car with a side door handle.

Touch the marked surface towards the rear on the outside of a door handle after the door has been closed, or press the lock button on the bottom edge of the tailgate before closing it.
The lock indicator in the windscreen starts to flash to indicate the car is locked.

To close all side windows and the panorama roof* simultaneously - place a finger against the touch-sensitive recess on the outside of the door handle until all side windows and the panorama roof* are closed.

Keyless entry

Grasp a door handle or press the rubberised pressure plate beneath the tailgate handle to unlock the car.
The lock indicator in the windscreen extinguishes to confirm the car is unlocked - open the doors or tailgate as usual.

Settings for Keyless entry

It is possible to select different sequences for Keyless entry.

Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.
Tap on My CarLockingKeyless Unlock

Select option:

  • All Doors

- unlocks all doors simultaneously.

  • Single Door

- unlocks selected door.

Automatic relocking

If none of the doors or the tailgate is opened within two minutes of unlocking, they are locked automatically. This function prevents the car from being left unlocked unintentionally.

Unlocking with Volvo On Call

It is possible to remotely unlock the car with the Volvo On Call* app.

For more information, see the section "Volvo On Call app".

  1. * Option/accessory.