Route settings

Settings are selected here to define how the route should be calculated.

Menu path:

Settings can be made within the following areas:
  • Route Learning
  • Traffic History Pattern
  • Default Route Type
  • Avoid
  • Arrival Time Format

Route learning

Select whether data collection to optimise route calculation should be permitted:
  • Yes/No

History of traffic patterns

Select whether traffic history shall be used to calculate the route:
  • Yes/No

Standard route types

Select the standard type of route preferred:
  • Fast
  • Eco
  • Scenic - motorways are avoided as far as possible, so the journey time may be long.

It is even possible to select alternative routes during a current journey - see the "Itinerary and Alternative route" section.


P5-1507-Navi Inställn. Undvik
Select one or more options to automatically avoid - if this is possible - when calculating the route:
  • Tunnel
  • International Border1
  • Congestion Charge Zone
  • Car train
  • Ferry
  • Highway
  • Toll Roads

Time format

Select how arrival time should be specified:
  • ETA2 - Estimated time of arrival at the destination
  • RTA3 - Remaining time to arrival

The times shown apply to the time zone of the destination.

  1. 1 Not for all markets/regions.
  2. 2 ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
  3. 3 RTA – Remaining Time to Arrival