Limitations of the Park Assist Camera*

The Park Assist Camera function may have limitations in certain situations.

The Park Assist Camera cannot see all objects in every situation - a driver should be aware of the following limitations:


A bike carrier or other accessory mounted on the rear of the car could obscure the camera's view.

Blind sectors

Pay attention to the possibility that, even if it only looks like a relatively small part of the image is obscured, it could be a relatively large sector that is hidden from view. Obstacles could thereby go undetected until the car is very close to the obstacle.

P5-1617-PAC 360-All camera-views
There are "blind" sectors between the cameras' fields of vision.

In 360° view obstacles/objects can “vanish” in the gaps between the individual cameras.

Defective camera

P5-1617-PAC 360-camera out of order

If a camera sector is black and contains this symbol then it means that the camera is out of order. The following illustration shows an example.

P5-1617-PAC 360-view w defect camera
The car's left-hand camera is out of order.

Black camera sector

A black camera sector is also shown in the following instances, but then without the symbol for defective camera:

  • open door
  • open tailgate
  • folded-in door mirror.

Light conditions

The camera image is adjusted automatically according to prevailing light conditions. Because of this, the image may vary slightly in brightness and quality. Poor light conditions can result in reduced image quality.


Clean camera lenses regularly with lukewarm water and car shampoo - be careful not to scratch the lenses.


Keep the camera lens clear of dirt, snow and ice to ensure optimum function. This is particularly important in poor light.
  1. * Option/accessory.