Raise the car

When raising the car it is important that the car jack or the workshop/garage jack is fitted to the intended points on the car’s underbody.

For cars with level control*, air suspension, if fitted, must be switched off before the car is raised. Switch off the function via the centre display:

Press Settings in the top view.
Press My CarSuspension .
Select Deactivate Suspension & Leveling Control.


Volvo recommends only using the jack that belongs to the car model in question. If a jack is selected other than the one recommended by Volvo, follow the instructions supplied with the equipment.
P5-1507 Hoisting points
The triangles in the plastic cover indicate the locations of the lifting points (marked in red).

If the car is raised with a workshop jack, it must be positioned under one of the four lifting points. Ensure that the workshop jack is positioned so that the car cannot slide off the jack. Make sure the jack plate is equipped with a rubber pad so that the car will be stable and not be damaged. Always use axle stands or similar.

  1. * Option/accessory.

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