Digital owner's manual in the car

A digital1 version of the owner's manual is available in the car's centre display.
P5-1617-Settings pane-OM-highlighted
The digital owner's manual is accessed from the top view.

To open the digital owner's manual - drag down the top view in the centre display and tap on Owner's manual.


The digital owner's manual is not available while driving.

There is a range of different options for finding information in the digital owner's manual. The options can be reached from the start page of the owner's manual. One way is from the top menu, with a tap on P5-1617-Owners manual-Symbol main.

Symbols and their meaning in the owner's manual menu
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-start
Leads to the start page of the Owner's Manual.
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-category
Articles grouped by category. The same article may appear in several categories.
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-quick guide
Leads to a Quick Guide page with links for a selection of articles that can be particularly useful to read. Provides answers to common questions about the car.
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-exterior
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-interior
Exterior and interior overview images of the car. Different parts are designated with hotspots that lead to articles about those parts of the car.
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-favorites
All articles that have been favourited are compiled here.
P5-1617-OM onboard-symbol-video
Leads to short video tutorials for different functions in the car.
P5-1617-OM onboard-category symbol-information
Indicates what version of the Owner's Manual is available in the car and provides other useful information.
  1. 1 Applies for most markets.