Apple CarPlay*

Apple CarPlay gives you the option to listen to music, make phone calls, get directions, send/receive messages and use Siri, all while you stay focused on your driving. Apple CarPlay works with selected Apple devices.
P5-1617-Media-Apple CarPlay

If the car is not already equipped with Apple CarPlay then it is possible to install it afterwards. Contact a Volvo dealer to install Apple CarPlay.

Information about which apps are supported and which phones are compatible is available on Apple's website: Using apps that are not compatible with Apple CarPlay may sometimes mean that the connection between an iPhone and the car is broken. Please note that Volvo is not responsible for the content in Apple CarPlay.

When using map navigation via Apple CarPlay there is no guidance in the driver display or head-up display, but only in the centre display.

The Apple CarPlay apps can be controlled via the centre display, mobile phone or with the steering wheel's right-hand keypad (applies to certain functions). The apps can also be voice-controlled using Siri. A long press on the steering wheel button P5–1507–Voice control button starts voice control using Siri and a short press activates the car's own voice control. If Siri breaks off too early, hold the steering wheel button P5–1507–Voice control button depressed.

By using Apple CarPlay you acknowledge the following: Apple CarPlay is a service provided by Apple Inc. under its terms and conditions. Volvo Cars is thus not responsible for Apple CarPlay or its features/applications. When using Apple CarPlay, certain information from your car (including its position) is transferred to your iPhone. In relation to Volvo Cars, you are fully responsible for your and any others person’s use of Apple CarPlay.

  1. * Option/accessory.